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Monday, January 7, 2019

Staying sane.

It was suddenly cold's hard to know what to day it's 40, and the next day it's 20........everything outside is gray and brown and drab.

Thank God there is color in the studio.

I'm still weaving on a wool warp on the AVL......this one has a wool/silk weft.........I'm not really sure what to call it........a cloak/cape I guess.

I especially love the "cloak pin".

I occasionally think I should keep something that I make, but truth is, I am not a "dress up" kind of girl, and would probably never wear it.
I do love making them though.

I love the towpath trail along the old's barely 2.5 miles down the road, and you can get a good hour's walk there.  It's quiet, and peaceful.

I took my pulse the other was 60........I guess all this walking is good for me.

Naya's one of our three regular walks.

At the end of the day, she's tired, and content, and it makes my heart sing.........she's happy.

Home with a good book, it's warm and cozy, the wind can howl, the snow can fly.........but here we are safe and comfortable, it doesn't get much better.
Is it just me?  Or are you just more satisfied with simple things as you age.......I can't imagine now how I complicated my life when I was younger.  Or why.

I listened to Glenn Close last night, when she won the Golden Globe award for "The Wife".....which is a very interesting, if depressing, story.   She talked about how women need to find their passion, find what is important to them, aside from their roles as nurturers.
I am not sure what I would be doing if I didn't have my weaving studio, it sustains me on a daily basis.   I am grateful to have found what matters to me on a daily basis, and what keeps me going.

I am getting used to my new Octado, after a few speed bumps, it is starting to impress me.  Since I have less looms these days, they have to be looms that I love.

I am also a doodler.
I find it very soothing.
Sometimes I don't even know really what it is I'm making, until suddenly it is obvious.

Today I learned something that I did not daughter texted me....asked if I would save her the top to a parmesan cheese container.  And I did.
It fits perfectly on a small canning jar, and since she buys bulk parmesan in a bag, it works 
perfectly as a shaker.
Probably would work for a lot of other things, as well.

And a straw fits right down one of the holes, so you could drink a smoothie out of it.

Who knew?

We really only have today.   There's no tomorrow, and no yesterday, when you are seriously living in today.  I used to worry about next week, next month, about things that I couldn't control in any lifetime.  I had a sign, over my sewing machine, that said, "Stay in the Day".........that was when I was married to my alcoholic, unpredictable, unpleasant, now deceased ex. 
It was the only way I could function, to keep myself firmly anchored in each and every day.   When they say One Day at a Time, in AA and AlAnon, they aren't kidding.
But somehow, "Stay in the Day" resonated with me.
I had to work very hard to make that was a struggle.

Now, so many years later, and lessons learned, staying in the day seems so obvious to me........and mostly so natural and easy.  When  I wake up in the morning, I have a tentative plan for my day, and not much beyond it.  It keeps me sane.

Stay in the day, it makes life so much better.


DJan said...

You know that I am one of those lurkers who rarely comments on your lovely posts, but today's just insisted on it. I resonated with every single word of it. I didn't see "The Wife" because I heard it was so depressing, but now I'm going to watch it anyway. I have to tell you that I think I love Naya as much as you do. She's such a fine presence in the world. And you're right: today is all we've got and staying in the day seems like a very important thing to strive towards. :-)

hart said...

A wise post and beautiful yarn.

justjill said...

Stay in the day. I really need to take this one on board, in my head.

Karen said...

I love that.

And those walks are truly the best form of exercise.. mentally and physically. Good on ya.

deodar said...

I thought I was the only one whose comfort level got simpler with age. I, too, have a tentative plan for the day and I find great satisfaction, joy even, in my walks with my dogs and taking care of the various critters in my hobby farm and riding, heck, just hanging out by my horses, and my weaving (though I'm not nearly as advanced as you I still enjoy it.)

Peg Cherre said...

That yarn in the first photo is lovely. Beautiful, bright colors. I, too, rarely wear or keep what I weave.

Stay in the day, Hilary! said...

'Stay in the day', a lovely piece of advice. I should have it emblazoned on a little plaque, as a reminder sometimes. I love the colours of your yarn, they're so pretty, as is that cloak pin. I like to keep life simple too, it's so much more relaxing.

Bovey Belle said...

"Stay in the day" - something I need to remember, as we keep hoping someone will buy our lovely old Welsh farmhouse so we can downsize, and I plan for the future, but it hasn't come to pass. Perhaps when we go back on the market in spring, the right person may appear for it. In the meantime, today is time to go through the many "things" we have in cupboards (and old stables) and have a good sort out.

I love that silk yarn you have for weaving - so colourful - and that beautiful cloak brooch - I know that (from archaeology, as a Pennanular brooch.)

Daryl said...

wise words

Sarah T said...

Love the cloak, the pin is beautiful. I am a jeans and t-shirt person so I rarely wear my nice clothes but I like to look at them.

Re: the post about the shelters guessing the breed makeup, yes they are just winging it. I did Wisdom Panel on my pup, 50% bull mastiff, 37.5% rottie and 12.5% bulldog.

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Because every thread counts