Crazy as a Loom

Sunday, February 4, 2018


For some reason, this winter is getting to me.
It seems like I hurt everywhere with the cold, it goes right through me.
Old bones??
Every night, adding insult to injury, I have to go out and pick up one chicken and take her in.  She is determined to stay out and freeze solid.
I keep telling her that spring is coming.

Sydney  gives Naya a whack now and then, just to be sure everyone knows who is boss.  She has assumed Miss Puss's position.

Everyone has their preferred spots. Poor Jinksie's is still upstairs under a bed.  It will take another month for her to come around.

This girl has certainly eased the pain of losing Roy.  She is the most lovable creature I have ever met.

She has such a sweet soul, I think I want her to be a therapy dog.
Seems selfish, not sharing her lovely self.

She is also a little precocious.......she brought this from the kitchen, apparently, I was a few minutes late in feeding her dinner.

She is also NOSY.  VERY NOSY.
She discovers every possible place that she might investigate, through the cat doors, UNDER the stairs out in her yard.  Everywhere.

L has been busy, weaving up some Möbius shawls.   I weave towels, while she does this.   All the while building up stock for summer shows.

And the loom dog is never far away.

This one drove me fairly wild, because it continually looked like the fell line was crooked.....but of course, it wasn't.
I kept measuring anyway.

Once a week, I make sure to see this one, and her brother.  It makes winter bearable, lightens my heart, makes me smile.
In a world that I often do not understand, she makes sense.

We were painting here, and I put that dot on her nose.  She promptly reciprocated.



Theresa said...

Oh my what a beautiful child and fur baby. They've both stolen my heart from afar. Whatcha painting?

Karen said...

What a cutie!

And I love your loom dog. Happily ever after....

A broom or rake might change that chickens mind. Just pick one up when it's time to close the girls in for the night. just walking towards them with it does the trick around here.

LA said...

Naya has adjusted so well to her new home....this is where she needed to be! I remember when Syd was the bottom of the pecking order!!!! Love that pattern on the AVL!

KarenInTheWoods said...

That pic of the empty dog dish made me laugh out loud! It is so enjoyable to discover what makes her tick when you adopt a dog. We are still puzzling over some of Binney and Finney's crazy habits.

Janice Zindel said...

Naya is beautiful, and love that she delivered her bowl! Please tell Lois the mobius shawl is gorgeous, I wish it was in my budget. Beautiful! And I know what you mean about the winter, more stiffness and cramps, especially my hands. We have spring to look forward to.

Shammickite said...

Winter is getting to me too, far too many very cold nights, but I am positive and spring will arrive one day! I love your weaving patterns, and the shawls are gorgeous. And so are your doggies and moggies. Nice furry friends to share your home with.

Daryl said...

Naya is such a wonderful dog .. love her curiosity, love her 'hey did you forget to feed me?, love her sleeping so secure so defensivelessly .. and Syd swatting her made me laugh .. now that Harry is gone, Annie has become very bold and she's taken to trying to boss Jack around .. he's taken to sleeping atop the kitchen cabinets to avoid her!!!!

Melissa said...

Your loom dog is lovely. :)

Back Porch Writer said...

Beautiful weaving! Very lovely. I love the sweet doggie. We have a few here and they are so special. Each one with their personality - all loving and sweet. It's fun to be home with them!

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Because every thread counts