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Monday, February 12, 2018


Sometimes I get myself into predicaments.
Well intentioned, but still.

I bought this great shelving unit cheap.  It's on wheels, and has shelves on both sides.  It sat on my back porch for two weeks, while I tried to figure out how to get it into the house.
It would NOT come through the back door.
Too many obstacles.

So I finally bit the bullet.   It had to come through the front door.  I had a contact from craigslist, that was going to do some shoveling for me, so I called him.

He brought his girlfriend, who he assured me was very strong.


Finally.  Inside.

Lois calls it the "white elephant" in the room.

I spent today cleaning and organizing and filling it up.  The shelves on the side towards the wall have those things we seldom use, but have to keep.
And since it's on wheels, it's pretty easy to move out from the wall.

You might notice that I had to remove the bottom shelf on the wall unit, to make room.

My morning coffee view......
I love this old house.
And early morning is my favorite time of day.

This is the 12/2 RS cotton on the loom right now.

Being done with baby wraps, I feel quite free to weave whatever I want.  So I do.

Sometimes, I am not even sure what it will be when it comes off the loom.

But I'm very pleased with this one.

Building stock up is a good way to get through this weather.
Here are three more Möbius shawls.

Naya is a different dog, one month later.
She is totally comfortable, and settled.
It's a beautiful thing.

She has given up sleeping in the dog bed on the floor in my room.  She has taken up residence in my bed, right next to me.  
I love that she is happy, and she trusts me.

I tried some other colors on this bronze warp, but it seems to keep crying for red.
Who am I to argue???


Shiralynkay said...

What a perfect fit for your new dog. She is just beautiful and seems like she is loving her new life. I would never be without a fur baby or two around. My pups make life so enjoyable.

Karen said...

I love the life you have given that dog! Does a heart good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary, I just popped over from abritntennesse's blog to say howdie! I love your blog and am your newest follower. I'm going to have a little nose around here now so til next time... hugs for now from brrrrr New Hampshire...

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to say how much I love those mobius shawls!!! And, Naya looks ever so happy and comfie :D hugs again...

Daryl said...

i love Naya's total assimilation into your life ... and those shawls ...

justjill said...

Love the shawls - and the dog.

Angela Tucker said...

Naya is beautiful! I love when my animals settle down next to me. I think that just the idea of touching the person they love makes them happy. SMILE

Your shawls are fabulous!!!! I have never seen one made like that. I am definitely in love. LOL

thotlady said...

Love the puppy photos!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Naya looks so settled and content, she's a lucky girl :)
Simple gorgeous shawls you have created, love the colors.

lynda said...

I would love one of your shawls in a soft, denims-ish you have one?

lcampana said...

If you don’t mind my asking, what length do you usually weave for your moebius shawls? I did some infinity scarves that were a little too short so I don’t want to repeat that flop. I appreciate your advice. Thanks,

Silvia said...

Could you send me the pattern of the Moebious shawl? Im size XL. I will be so grateful.
I am Silvia from Argentina, Patagonia,I too am a old lady who doesn't stop. I weave, knitt and sew. My email is, WhatsApp 542966413714

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Because every thread counts