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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My shadow.

Today I had a lunch date, and I have to say, it was different.
There were FOUR of us.
A, M, J, and me.
A knew M and J, but not me.
M knew A and me, but not J.
J knew A and me, but not M.
I knew M and J, but not A.

Are you with me???

So, here's where it got weird.  In any one conversation, someone was totally clueless.  Unless we talked about global warming.
I knew better than to talk about politics.

When I said "knew", I mean that there was history.
But there were blanks, between those who did not have history.

How did I get myself into this???

OK, lunch was good, and we got through it.   But all the way home, I was muttering to myself, "why, why, why?"

I may becoming a hermit.  Well, ok, I didn't have far to go.  But it feels good, what can I say.
In a world where so much does not feel good.

I've been picking out one area a day and organizing......things can get pretty messy in the studio.
And today I cleaned my dye area out on the inside porch.

Miss Naya follows me everywhere......I have to be careful not to step back, because she is right there.

Last week our outing was to the vet, not such a great day.
This week we went to the local pet store, which she liked a LOT more.  She stuck her nose in all the bins low enough to reach, and sniffed all the goodies.
Of course, everyone loved her.
We got a Walk Right harness, which is like the Easy Walk harness, but actually easier to put on.
And we got a leash that extends 16 feet, for when we walk on the beach, or in the fields.
Also, a new dog dish, and a naturally shed elk horn, for her to chew, which she has so far ignored.

All in all, a positive experience for her, so that she knows that getting in the car is not the road to hell.

This weekend, I went upstairs to the "rug room", and worked on a rug for my friend in Georgia.

Naya found a comfy place to keep track of me.

On the towel warp, I am still having fun.   Which is really what it is all about.

And I am emptying all those spools with thread on them from previous projects........with the goal of having all EMPTY spools..............I'm getting there.
AND using up all that thread.

This one looks like pine trees in the wind.

Occasionally in the evening, I retreat from the living room, where DH watches TV CONSTANTLY, and do a little night weaving.

Listen to a little Pandora.

I don't stay up real late, because I get up SO early.  Still.

The bed in my room for Naya gets used a lot by SYD.........because Naya would really rather sleep with me.

Surprise, surprise.


Peg Cherre said...

That towel warp is lovely.

I know the hermit tendency well. Still, going outside my comfort zone lately feels pretty darn good. I guess its all about balance.

That sweet little Naya -- is that a problem by her left eye, or just the way she's made?

Anonymous said...

I totally "get It' about your feelings surrounding the lunch you had to endure. Being a hermit is right up my alley, I am one too. Love the trees in the wind towel, great color choices.

Looks like Miss Naya is doing just fine and has settled into her new home.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Sweet little pup, she has been through so much. It will be nice when the weather warms and you can start getting outside with her. I've said before, she has the look of some Aussie in her. Our Zoey is an Aussie and they are very sensitive dogs. Very attached to their person and sensitive to loud noises or harsh words.
I'm not a fan of going out to lunch. I prefer to eat at home unless it's just me and my honey.

Theresa said...

Really, critters are so much easier than people, raising my hand as a hermit here too. Could that be why we gravitate to weaving? A solitary venture. Pets to Naya, such a pretty girl!

claudia said...

I usually love to go out to breakfast with my family. (Daughter, her boyfriend and his son) We went last Sunday because my daughter is setting up her career(s) and we don't get to see her as often as we would like. She promised us breakfast, and eating out gives us all undivided attention. This just wasn't as fun a breakfast out as usual. I've decided that we want her all to ourselves at home on Sundays and not out in public. I'm also thinking I just don't like the roar of the crowd anymore. (To be honest, I never really like roar in the first place)
I need to get my arse in gear and get my sewing room organized. It's hard, because now the sewing room is also the dining room. When the kids are moved into their new place, I will be able to organize in my fashion and in all my OWN space!
Today I go and get my eyes checked. My pup ate my glasses and I have been using a pair that never really worked after I got them. I am forced to use them now and I get headaches from them (I know you don't want to hear about my headaches...they are nothing compared to yours)
Naya obviously appreciates you! She is adorable!!!

Karen said...

LOL! Well Miss Sally wasn't supposed to join us on the bed, but the husband fell in love with her so he allows her to sleep on my side.

Glad things have definitely gotten much better than your trip to hell and back last week. All is well that ends well. Naya's one lucky girl.

Unknown said...

So glad you adopted Naya and she's home for good. Someone said she looked Aussie, but she looks like she has a little english setter in her to me. I had a rescue english setter and she was the sweetest dog I've ever had in our very large dog family. I love the towels too.


Caroline in NH said...

Naya is so pretty. Couldn't ask for a better companion. And your towel warp is fantastic. I love it with all those colors!

Daryl said...

they do look like pine trees bending in the breeze ..

after a trip to the vet that involved his staying there most of the day, Jack came home and decided he loved us more than ever .. he started joining us on the couch and sleeping on top of one or the other of us at night (love him but its not easy sleeping with a 10 lb cat on your legs) .. but after Harry passed Jack stopped like us, me especially, stopped sitting or sleeping with us .. today is 4 weeks w/o Harry and last night Jack came into bed .. i think he's trying to forgive us ... i hope so

Devon said...

I don't think you need to label yourself as a hermit. I really believe there are Seasons for all things and winter is a season of quiet. I also find I don't like a lot of chit-chat. I am sure you will have a lot more socializing with your summer shows and good weather, but maybe now is a time for silence, reflection and solitude.
I think the CONSTANT TV might be a man thing. Mine retired a few years ago and I am so grateful we have an isolated bonus room with recliners, exercise equipment, a massive TV and, thank God, a DOOR. I always wonder if the rise in popularity of open concept homes has any correlation to the rising divorce rate?
Anyway, your new pup is so sweet... she is lucky to have you!

Shammickite said...

Your weaving is so lovely, and I love the picture of the room with all the looms, oh I would love to learn to create beautiful fabrics like that.
And a sweet little dog to follow you around the house, how Ideal!

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Because every thread counts