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Friday, January 19, 2018


Hard to believe that Naya has been here 11 days already, the time flies.
It has not been uneventful though.

On Tuesday I took her to my vet, to get acquainted, and to make sure I had all my ducks in a row regarding her heart worm treatment.

The poor girl had been spayed and treated for heart worm in December, then shuffled around to 3 or 4 places.
So my vet fell in love with her, no surprise there.  And he said she needed to start the heart worm prevention now, then once a month.  In 4 months, she needs to be retested to see if the injections in December worked.
So I got the heart worm med, came home, had lunch, and gave her the first dose.

Within a half hour, I noticed her having trouble walking, and that her breathing was labored.  I dug the med insert out of the garbage, to look at precautions and side effects.  Then I called the vet.

So this all resulted in me carrying her to the car, and dashing over country roads, back to the vet, where he determined, as I thought, that she was having an anaphylactic reaction to the med.

They kept her for the day, giving her an IV, and meds to counteract it. I left her there, and felt like a criminal.  All I could imagine was that she was abandoned, again, in her eyes.  This person who promised her safety and love and a home forever, had just dropped her off.  Again.

I was teary on the way home, and it was a long afternoon, before the vet called and said I could come get her.

She had an uncomfortable evening, started new meds, but on Wednesday morning, she was back to her old self.  And I swear, she did not leave my side.  When I went to the grocery store for a quick trip, Lois said she paced.
I hope that when I went back to the vet to pick her up, that she was comforted, that she knew that I wasn't going to leave her.
Who knows what these rescue dogs must think?   I can't really fathom it.
But for the first week, she slept on the couch all night, but for the last two nights, she has slept on a quilt on the floor next to my bed.
Guess it's time for a comfy doggy bed for the bedroom. (DH) brought one home before I finished this post.

How did she weasel into my heart so fast, I wonder?????

I love watching her settle, making this old house her home, making us her peeps.

During the day, she is in the studio with me, and Lois, faithfully.

My 12 year old grand daughter, who will be 13 next month, texted me this picture, and asked me what I thought.

I answered her that I LOVED it.   She said, " I thought you would."
She's ahead of her time, that one.

Here she is, with her new sylish hair cut, reading to Dale.  
Having them visit is the best, best thing ever.
I love them so.

We made home made pita breads, and they were so, so good.

And I have a confession.  I hate the cold, so I cook, and I bake.  It makes me feel better.  Of course, it will also make me HUGE, but that's another story.

Broccoli, cheddar, potato soup.

Cherry Turnovers.

Homemade rolls, and this is the best recipe!!!!

On the studio side of all this, I have been sewing up stuff that was hanging around.

I love this infinity scarf.  Cotton and bamboo.

And to date, we have 100 towels in stock.  My goal is 200 for the year....then we will be set for summer shows.

Here's my next warp, it's going to be FIFTY towels.

Getting ready to thread.

I have been thinking a lot about isolation, and loneliness, and how we do most of it to ourselves.
It's easy though, to be a hermit, when for whatever reason, you don't like winter.  There was a post on FB today, about how loneliness has become a major issue in the UK, especially for older people.

I, for one, have always loved being alone, even as a child.  My mother would often come into my room, peeking around the door, "Are you OK?"
I had my books, my music, my pens and paper.   I was fine.

Even today, I still am fine with it.  I have my looms, my fabric, tons of thread, my sewing machine, all my tools.  I keep myself occupied, and motivated, at all times.  And when my body gets weary, I have books, and pens and paper, and Netflix.  I am fine.
Even with DH with his headphones on seems pretty normal.

I am unbelievably lucky that L and I both feel the same way about we work together often in silence, listening to NPR, with sporadic conversation, and a comfortable camaraderie.
She doesn't feel the need to entertain me, nor I her.

Loneliness is a state of mind, and sometimes, a choice.  When it begins to feel not ok, the car is right outside, and there are places to go, and people to see.

But for now,  I like to stay home, and stay warm, as much as possible.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Our dogs are a huge part of our lives, they are like our kids. They (we are down to three now) pretty much run our place and let us know when it is meal time, etc. Love them so very much. Our oldest one had a couple of heart attacks and is now on three medications that she gets every 12 hours. We know that at her age, 15, she doesn't have much more time so we want that time to very pleasant

Karen said...

I love this post, Hilary, for 100 reasons - My little pack of dogs (4) is my second set of kids, truly. They bring so much to a life. For every lonely senior, I want to give them an older dog from the shelters to care for if they're able. I think it's a wonderful combination of mutual benefit. .... and please, share the recipe for the rolls and the cherry turnovers in your next post!!

DJan said...

So glad to hear that Naya will be all right. That was scary! And yes, she has wiggled her way into your heart, and mine too. Love the beautiful things you create. Sending you all my virtual hugs. :-)

claudia said...

Naya is such a pretty little girl! She is very lucky to have you as one of her peeps. She has landed herself in Doggy Nirvana! It's so good to know that she will be healthy and happy the rest of her live long days!
Your grand daughters are beautiful. Love the haircut on the 13 year old. I love the shirt too! Everyone should own one!
The food! I' reading this first thing in the morning before any breakfast,'s making me hungry!!!
Love the new warp colors! Those are going to be some very pretty towels.

Sharon said...

Our rescue dog will be 15 in June. She’s been ours for 12 years and still she is a wreck when we both leave at the same time. Naya is a very lucky girl.

Daryl said...

its fascinating to me to see dogs in nyc waiting outside stores for their owners (tho with the new health law they are permitted inside many more shops/restaurants these days) .. you can always spot the rescues .. they sit staring at the door waiting nervously for their people/person to emerge ..

Naya is one very lucky girl .. and i know she knows it

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Because every thread counts