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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Doing January.

I've been moving stuff around.  It might be the January jitters.  My mother always moved the furniture around, she said it made her feel better.

I moved the Singer treadle machine into the living room, and lo and behold, DH noticed it, and asked me why it was there.

He usually doesn't notice anything.

I only moved the Singer, so I could put this shelving unit in the hallway, which I am planning on filling with towels.

I've been having trouble with my Compudobby missing certain harnesses.
It's been driving me a little crazy.
You know, crazier than I already am.

I still love it, but it has issues sometimes.

I will figure it out.
Trust me.

I will.

Feathers are special.   I love this one in a glass tube.

L and I put on some color today.  Thank goodness, I was getting so sick of that natural warp.

Now on to the threading, and the sleying........then I can weave.

Winter is long, and COLD, so it's a great time to stock the shelves for the summer shows.

I need to do  inventory in the shop.   I also need to work on, and update, my web site.

There really is no lack of things to keep me busy around here.

Then there's always cooking and baking to be done.

And cleaning.   There's that word.

I'm anguishing over my calico, Miss Puss.  She is the diabetic.  I think when she was so, so sick a couple of months ago, I should have let her go.  Instead I spent the weekend in Emergency Pet Care, and spent $1600.  
She hasn't really been great since.  She is thin, she is grumpier than ever, really hates everyone but me and Lois.
She floods the litter box daily.   She has to have insulin twice a day, to the tune of $125 per bottle, plus syringes.
She is only interested in food, and water. Other than that she sleeps.
I don't think she feels well.
And to be totally transparent here, I find that I am resenting that I can't go anywhere, without being back in time for her insulin, that I worry about all the money I spend on her, and I feel that maybe I am prolonging her life when her life has lousy quality.
I think I know what to do, but I am frozen.   In many ways.

On another front, my friend Karen of This Old House, found a dog.  She thought it was a fit.  When I saw the picture of the dog, I thought so too, but the dog had been adopted.  Then yesterday, Karen messaged me to tell me that  the adoption didn't work out, the adopters had a dog that was terrorizing the new dog.

So maybe, if the planets align, we may have a dog.   I know Roy would love her, and I know he would approve.

So here she is, Naya.  She's 35 lbs, 2 years old, mellow, laid back.  
I think that's what we need.  A little lover.

I'll keep you posted.


LA said...

Those colors sure do chase away the blues!!!! They just make you feel happy! I'm looking forward to seeing what they become.

Karen said...

I've been moving furniture too, you mother was spot on - it does make you feel better.

Saying a little prayer that you and Naya and Co. spend many years enjoying each other's company.

Here comes the snow! BLEH!!!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh what a sweet little blonde face. I know you love the Pits but I suppose any dog that needs a home can steal your heart. I'm sorry about your kitty. You will make the right decision when your heart tells you. It's a good thing to have so much to do, I suppose, if you live on the East Coast during this frightfully cold weather. I am just not a good indoor person and think I would lose my marbles. Stay safe!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Hillary. I am so sorry about Miss Puss. It is always a difficult decision, but a responsibility that we have if we love our pets. Sigh. It's been six months since I had to let George go. Not for me, but for him. You will make the right decision.

I rescued Moses only three months after I lost George. I thought it was a little early, but I think it worked out best for the both of us. He will never be my George, but Moses has his own personality that is warming my heart.

Have a good day.

Peg Cherre said...

I totally hear you about Miss Puss. Those decisions are SO HARD! When do we make them for ourselves, versus our pets? And why can't we make similarly caring, thoughtful, loving decisions for ourselves and our loved 2-legs?

Love the new warp. While I'll never be a sectional warper, I do love looking at them on the looms of others.

I did the dreaded inventory yesterday. Still plenty of year-end record keeping to be ready for the accountant, but that's one task down.

Naya looks beautiful! And such a puppy face! I was surprised to read that she is 2. May you have many, many happy years together.

claudia said...

Gosh it's hard to make decisions like that with Miss Puss.
Naya has such a sweet face. I will pray that the planets align!
Love the new warp colors.

Caroline M said...

It's the part I hate about being the responsible pet owner, that day when you have to take the hard road that is in their best interests but not in yours.

The colours are lovely, I can't wait to see what that turns into and my fingers are crossed that Naya is a good fit for you.

Anonymous said...

Naya, you are adorable - you will fit in well I just know it!

Theresa said...

Some little cutie is about to hit the doggie lottery!

Daryl said...

oh lucky dog ...

Jane B. said...

Oh, Hilary, I'm so sorry to hear about Miss Puss. It makes perfect sense that you are having problems making this decision for her. You are a nurse. Your medical training makes this a difficult choice. But, if you feel that her quality of life is poor you can release her. We let our dog go (19 years, 5 months, and 12 days old) and I miss her. But, I know that she is no longer suffering. You have such a big heart and Miss Puss will always be with you. I"m also a firm believer that we will meet family again on the other side. And, our animals are part of our family!

Jane B. said...

Hilary, I never post comments and now I know why. I started with your most recent post. I began reading older posts. I'm so sorry to hear about Roy. It makes perfect sense that Miss Puss is keeping you company right now. It may very well be too soon. My apologies for the earlier may not be the right time.

Penny said...

Such a sweetie, that Naya! I hope she can be yours. I’m sure Roy wants you to have a walking companion, if this weather ever lets up!

thotlady said...

Sweet dog, I am sorry about Miss Puss though.

Hilary said...

Oh dear.. I'm sorry about Miss Puss. I hate that you have had such a bad time with your beloved creatures recently. :(

Oh by this little darling.. she's going to be a happy little girl in the best home ever. I'm so thrilled you've found each other. <3

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Because every thread counts