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Monday, January 2, 2017

Sun and Snow

Little trip through Washington county this morning for my OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment)  which is what keeps my headaches in line.

Snow on the can see the snowmobile tracks.

 It was cold today, but deliriously sunny.
Somehow the sun makes it bearable.

There was no traffic, so it was easy to stop and take pictures.  
But I didn't get one of the hawk that soared over the road, or the 20 turkeys eating on a snow covered corn field.

I love the half hour ride through the countryside.  It's calming.

I told my daughters yesterday that I was grateful that I had a different experience as a mother, than they are having.  They looked at me puzzled.
I said, well, you girls never had cell phones, or iPads.  You weren't connected to anything.  You watched a little TV when your homework was done, and you talked on the phone, but that was it.
You played outside, you talked to people around her, you interacted.
I'm glad of that.  I liked the way you were.
I'm glad I'm not raising kids now.
I would probably throw all the electronics out in the snow one day.

There are lots of good things about the internet, and even social media.
But honestly, I don't think it is all that wonderful for our kids.  I think they miss a lot.  They don't know how to live without some device in front of their nose.
But how can you tell kids not to do  it, when you see adults doing it all the time.  It's just too much.

DH and I went to Olive Garden one night, and they have these iPad like things on the tables......that you can pay to play games on.  HE reached for it, and I said, NOPE, if you can't talk to me over dinner, we'd better leave now.
Yes, I know.  I'm bossy.
But really.  Really.

I decided, watching my grandkids tweet, and instagram and "whatever' their way through an afternoon, that what I want for my birthday is a family dinner, with NO DEVICES PRESENT.
That's not much to ask, is it?

 So back to Washington County, which I think is one of the prettiest places ever.

It was a lovely drive, but I loved getting home to the studio.  It's my favorite place.

But you knew that.


claudia said...

It is a beautiful place. I love the snow, it makes everything so peaceful.
And yes, it is always good to be back home. I rarely leave, and then it is only after I have made a list of all the things I have to have and places I have to go to. I make it a half day outing and it's only once a week. I love my home too!

Melissa said...

What gorgeous scenery! Being here in the desert, I envy you your snowy beauty.

Karen said...

Oh, what beautiful views, thanks for taking us along.

Put a basket on the counter somewhere - where all electronic devices go while you're visiting or having supper together. Label it, even.

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Hillary. Your pictures are beautiful! The snow softens the view...SMILE I don't drive in snow, but the road is clear and perfect.

I agree with the electronics. Hubby is the worst. I have been know to tell him that we might as well get take-out and eat in the car if he isn't going to talk with me. LOL

Twylla Alexander said...

I SO enjoyed taking the ride in the country with you and hearing your wise reflections. Thank you!

deb said...

I agree with you electronics and internet, social media are great, but we are partaking too much, it has become an addiction for almost everyone. It takes up so much of your "living" time. Your pictures are incredible. The sun was out here (NorthEastern PA) on Sunday it was beautiful.

sue said...

Deliriously sunny! What wonderful words and what wonderfully clean and dry roads, too. I just shoveled, with the help of my neighbor, a foot of snow off the driveway. We are expecting sun on Friday. :-)

Kim said...

DD now is 22 and we didn't even have a computer in our home until she was in middle school. No electronic games. No working TV either, just a small one for when we rent movies.

She's home, now, after graduating from college with double majors in art history and, drum roll, computer science. DH works in informatics, computational molecular biology, genone sciences. I have to use a laptop for documentation for my job. Somehow, we have managed to not allow work life to overtake home life. IT IS POSSIBLE.

Last night DD and I worked on one of her 2 (Christmas present) jigsaw puzzles. Then, DH read to me before I fell asleep. We always have a read aloud book going. We always read aloud as a family on car trips. The computer IS a part of our life, emails and such. and skype was great when DD was in school on the other coast. The internet is a wonder and makes life so much easier in so many ways. But we do our best to keep it under control.

Several summers ago, when family - including my beloved niece and nephew - visited, I noticed at least 5 people (more than half of us) texting during a family dinner at my in laws. They were having conversations with people who weren't even there! I had a (somewhat heated, I am ashamed to say) talk with all. No electronics would be allowed at my dinner table at our home. They all stayed out of sight.

I wish you well on your birthday wish. Some people DO have a basket at the door. Whatever works.

I'm so happy your headaches are under control.

What pains snow and ice can be, but your pictures of the country side sure are beautiful.

Susan said...

Oh Hilary, I agree wholeheartedly with you about cell phones. I told my daughter they absolutely can not be used at the dining table when they were here at Christmas. I swear, you'd think they were born with them in their hands! What a beautiful setting with the sun and snow, but I'm glad I don't have to drive in it! Happy New Year!

Peg Cherre said...

I'm with you all the way, Hilary. My son spent most of his time outside, my daughter giggling with a gaggle of girls in someone's house. It was wonderful. My 5-year-old grandson spends lots of time with electronics.

And weaving - how can you beat it? (Pun intended)

thotlady said...

Lovely photos. I grew up without all the social media hoopla. I miss those days.

Daryl said...

i felt soothed looking at those photos ... thanks

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Because every thread counts