Crazy as a Loom

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Stars twinkle

Yup, they do.  Stars twinkle, and aircrafts blink.  This was my aha moment tonight in the hot tub, with the wind blowing hard.   Venus was bright, and I saw at least 9 planes flying in different directions while I was out there.   The wind chimes were making crazy noise, and I found myself wondering  about one of them, the biggest one, that I bought because I liked the way it looked, it was made from all kinds of strange things.  Trouble is, it sounds terrible.

See the oil can in the middle???

I guess I need to find a home for it further away from the house.

My venture with baby wraps has come to an end.
It was interesting, and lucrative, but I'm pretty much done.
I might make one here or there, but I have other things to do.

For one thing, I was cyber bullied by a bunch of women who decided that the word "crazy" in my business name, was OFFENSIVE, and ableist.
Yeah, I had to look that one up, too.
They tried to pressure me to change the name, because it might be hurtful to people with mental illness.
I said that it means "passionate" in this instance.  In my opinion, intent is everything.

They were pretty nasty, and gave me a whole new perspective on the baby wrap world.
Of course, there are a lot of women in that world, that are very nice, and very supportive.
But the whole thing gave me a pretty bad feeling.
I got off ALL baby wrap groups on FB, and that is that.  The writing was on the wall, so to speak.

So the other night, in my studio, with the dark falling outside, and fireplace steadily heating up the space, I did some inventory.

Not real inventory......we did that last month.

But an inventory of what I wanted to accomplish there, and how to keep my serenity doing it.
Baby wraps are not on the list.
Custom is not on the list.

L and I have a good thing here.  We are different in a lot of ways, and very much alike in some.  We both like no drama, quiet, great lunches  of homemade soup, salad, and bread.........we love to weave, sometimes we talk, we listen to NPR, sometimes we don't talk at all.  We warp looms, we plan projects.  We get a lot of work done, but it doesn't feel like work.  It's our retirement gig.  We each make our own hours.   That's how we roll.

It's comfortable, peaceful, quite lovely actually.

These are L's towels.

It's funny how over the years, I keep coming back to the same thing.
Weaving what makes me happy.

Why do I keep making it so hard???

I jokingly said that this was heaven.
But it's no joke.

It's everything I ever wanted.

A studio of my own.  A place to just let my muse have her way.

I have the perfect line up of looms, no more, no less.

I lay awake at night thinking about what I want to weave next.
Life is simple, just the way I like it.
The most exciting thing that happened today, is that 11 out of my 12 hens produced an egg.

So it's winter in northeast NY, and we're weaving towels and scarves, stocking up the shelves.
Staying warm.
Sometimes people stop in and visit.
And that's good, too.
If they can stand the excitement.

Drop in if you're in the neighborhood.
We're here!


mudmaven said...

Please, please, please stay "Crazy!" It is a positive affirmation and definitely has no negative connotations to most of us who love to hear all about what you do and how you feel about it. ~chris

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

It seems we all seek peace as our life moves along. Your place looks so comfortable. If it wasn't so cold there, I could be happy in such a nice farmhouse as yours.

Peg Cherre said...

Yet another of the weaving bloggers I follow who have decided, for one reason or another, to stop the baby wrap thing. It was good while it lasted, and now there's time to do more things with our weaving that make us happy, make us crazy with passion. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hilary, I am glad you are at that comfortable and enjoyable place in life where life is just the way you want it to be, I wish you many years of weaving contentment. To heck with the naysayers who think they know it all - where do they get the idea they make the rules and tell others what to say or not say? Crazy as a Loom is a clever and funny business name - to heck with what they think. You may substitute the word heck for what I really wanted to say ;-)

Your weaving space is thoughtful, warm, and inviting - I wish you lived down the road from me so I could come and try out your AVL loom. Tell L that her towels are magnificent, the colors are stunning.

Baby wraps, never wove them I did not want to get caught up in the craze. Custom orders make me nuts so I understand why you don't want to weave them.

Pet the cats and enjoy the wood stove, life is good!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Good for you for leaving behind those folks who have such pitiful lives. Your life is full and satisfying by your standards and nobody else's opinion matters. Keep right on loving it. Stay warm.

Kim said...

I look forward to visiting this Crazy place every chance I get. Don't change a thing. And please keep on spread the crazy around! I think we can all use more of it in out lives.

Ettenna said...

Enjoy the blessings & ignore the negative. Sounds like a recipe for a content life! People will ALWAYS find something to complain or be negative about...

Kim said...

I love seeing pictures of your beautiful studio, and after visiting you there I recognize your rooms and looms. Just lovely to be able to do what you want, when you want and AS you want. No one has to tell you what or how to weave. Just do the beautiful and fulfilling work that you do.

As far as anyone telling you what you should call yourself, that's just crazy.

Karen said...

Love that blue scarf!... and that lovely space that is your home.

Screw the idiots that look for trouble where there isn't any. So the word crazy isn't usable for anything because some use it to define mental issues? We're all crazy in one way or another.

Unknown said...

Hilary,... none of us needs that kind of negativity, and there is no reason to tolerate it. The best life is doing what makes you happy, where you are happy, and you have more than accomplished that. Your studio/home is beautiful, inviting, cozy, comfortable and fits you perfectly. Stay with what you love! Beautiful weaving coming from you and L., and always look forward to seeing what is new with you and your weaving.

mray said...

Love your blog, enjoy reading your thoughts, enjoy the pictures, and guess what, I also believe in freedom to let go of a group of bored foolish people with a world of judgement issues. Me, I will continue to read, admire and respect a wise woman like yourself...who enjoys her life! Thank you for being you, screw 'em.

Angela Tucker said...

I saw a FB post the other day about how cyber bulling is like peeing in a swimming pool. You do it in secret, without concern of being caught, but it affects everyone that it touches.

I choose to live with integrity...I know the difference between right and wrong. It is my responsibility to follow my heart and do the right thing, whether it agrees with the majority or not. Sorry, one of my sore spots. SMILE

Your weaving is as beautiful as always. That blue is stunning.

Have a wonderful day, Hillary.

thotlady said...

Everything looks lovely. I would really like to begin weaving. But where to start???

Threadbare Designs said...

I have fairly recently found your blog and always look forward to seeing what you are working on. I, too, have recently had to leave the world of baby wrap weaving due to the change of temperament in the online groups. I am a maternity nurse, so weaving wraps was very close to my heart, but I have neither the time nor interest to carefully wade through the current drama.

I look forward to seeing where your weaving will now take you!

keryn said...

In my experience, crazy people never recognise themselves as crazy, so you can't offend them by using the word crazy. And if somebody isn't crazy, what's the problem. It's a dull old world if our words can have only one meaning, decided by a bunch of cyber-purists.
Your little world of weaving looks just perfect, an antidote to the madness of the world outside. said...

I greatly enjoy your blog. I especially like that it's called 'crazy as a loom' . Great pun on words. When we reach a certain age ( I'm 64), I think we have earned the right to be just as we want to be!!! Keep on with your weaving. I'd love to own a piece someday, I think you're incredibly talented.
Best to you from freezing Northern California !,,

518Frenchgirl said...

Hi Hilary, Glad to hear you are moving on and upward from the negativity of a few. The loons didn't mind, so why should the looms? Your scarves are beautiful. My girls loved their dish towels. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas around here without exchanging an item woven by you. I love the table runners my daughter got me years ago and of course the trivets we all use in our kitchens. You and L have an excellent gig, and by now you know that you have to protect a good thing when you find it. Don't let others steal your joy, at least not for more than a few minutes, until you think it through. People are not always easy to understand these days. I still want to get over to visit you, love your invitation! ML said...

I love the name of your blog. In the past, like many other people, I had a glitch with my mental health and don't find your use of 'crazy' offensive. I find bullying far more offensive personally.

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Daryl said...

begone all of those who troll ... a rose by any other name, etc. i am SO SO SO tired of those who think their opinion has to be everyone's opinion ... hooray for you for being crazy aka passionate ...

Sharon said...

Contentment cannot be overrated. It's loving yourself and what you have where you are - good for you!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts