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Thursday, November 17, 2016

My day

Thank you for all the comments on my last post.  I know it's a difficult  subject.  I appreciate all your opinions, and I respect them.
I don't usually do politics on my blog, and won't do it often.  This seemed to be an exception, something I needed to get off my chest, and then get back to my life.

Let's hope for the best, and pray that our country can come together somehow.

I have had a hand woven rag stair runner on my stairs for about 10 years.  Not only was it getting a little ratty, but it was slipping and stretching and sliding, and I decided it was dangerous for us old folks.
So here's the new one,  the black rods and finials haven't gone back on yet, but it's soft on the feet, and quiet.
I like it.

I bought this quilt top below from a lady who posted it on FB.....for $20.
It was hand stitched by her grandmother.

It is without perfect condition.
I'm going to back it, and quilt it.
I don't understand selling it, not at all.  I wish I had something like this from MY grandmother, but I 
guess I'll just have to treasure this one.

This is the view out my kitchen window, and the house next door.  No one lives there, the lady who did is in the nursing home.
Every time I look over there, I think of her having to leave the home she spent probably the majority of her life in.

 Today is the first day of my guild's show.  I was there at 8am, setting up.

I got my möbius shawls all settled on my clothes rack, only to find a while later that the powers that be had moved them all over the room, and confiscated my rack.

 Then while I was unwrapping Mrs. Olsen (my dress form lady), who is modeling my cotton/bamboo  
baby wrap, a lady walking by made a loud, derogatory "ewwwwww".   I turned to her, and she said, ""I hate that baby."

Speechless.  That's what I was.

Time to go home, no matter what the clock says.

Hello, Stella,  I'm glad to meet you.
(Stella Artois, for those of you who don't's very good)

Sometimes, I just want to stay home, make soup, bread, weave, and enjoy the quiet.



Dizzy-Dick said...

Yep, there is no place like home. BTW, was it an ugly baby?? Or did it do something to you or on you that you hate it? (grin)

claudia said...

Really?!? People like that just make my day! (NOT!!!) There is No place like home...most times. My wonderful room mate has been a grump lately, so now I'm thinking there's no place like my room! I hope this isn't a winter thing for him. Or he will be thinking there's no place like where I used to live! (LOL)

Connie in Hartwood said...

I like your choice of coping mechanism ... beer, bread, and soup will fix almost anything.

Pam said...

I read your blog everytime you have a new post. I love all your weavings and I share your point of view. I too am a nurse, a weaver and my favorite place to be is home!!

Angela Tucker said... did much better than me...I try so hard to be kind and thoughtful. I'm afraid that I have become impatient with those that don't and have become comfortable about asking about why they are being such butts. If you say it with a smile, it seems very polite. LOL

Either way, soup and bread are the way to go. I'm not a beer person, but would be happy to do a girly drink. LOL

Your quilt find is beautiful. I'm glad that it found a home with you.

I hope that you have a wonderful day.

Daryl said...

rude people .. jeez, there's no excuse .... think it, if you must, but do not say it ...

that soon to be quilt is exquisite .. i wish it was mine

Shirley said...

Your quilt is a wonderful find and I am sure you know how much work went into that. So sad that the family did not cherish it but it will have a good home with you. Hope you will show your progress or completed quilt. Your shawls are beautiful. I just want to reach out and touch them. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Valerie said...

I think the quilt top is probably made from print cotton flour sacks from the '30's & '40's.

I have some similar quilts from my mother-in-law that have many of the same fabrics.

for some more information look at:

Peg Cherre said...

Can't believe someone in your own Guild thought they could simply appropriate your display. Somehow I find that even more rude than the baby comment, but maybe because I'd simply discount that woman altogether.

518frenchgirl said...

...and Honey cookies! I certainly hope you got your racks back too. Sounds like you have found the winning formula...sustain, maintain and stay away from busy bodies. Would've liked to wrap her up. Well hey, your steps look safe and warm and the quilt looks like a fun project for winter. Take good care. Marilou
Psst, I'm setting up at Shed Stop for Christmas in the Country weekend with my woolen wares. My brother let's me use a big shed.

Susan said...

Love the old quilt and like you, I would never sell something my grandmother made by hand either. I have a couple of her lovely table cloths from the 1930's that are in mint condition and they are treasured (despite not having a table to fit them right now).

The baby hater: It seems to me that people nowadays are far too quick to condemn, pronounce their opinion and such.... whether you asked for it or not! We were raised with the concept of "if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all" You simply kept your opinion to yourself.... until asked. Ah, the good old days!

I went and read your last post and my Hub sure enjoyed the mushroom shots! An observation from a "foreigner" watching the USA struggle to adapt to the new reality. There was condemnation of Bush when he was running for office, but criticism was dampened down once elected and in office. People and the Press were afraid to speak their minds and were ostracized if they did (think Dixi Chicks) As a Canadian I can see that happening once again as they 'normalize' Trump and his cronies. I became invested in your election as I have close family living in the USA. It will be a long four years for the entire world.

But a good way to get back to life is to do things you love.... and yesterday I helped a new weaver plan her third project and sent her away with a desire to get weaving, which felt so darn good for me!

Unknown said...

You're wise, especially withe quote at the toppa the index. I have summore wisdom for ya, dear...

'The more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
-the Infant Jesus of Prague

trustNjesus, dear,
and wiseabove to Seventh-Heaven.
God bless your indelible soul.

Unknown said...

You're wise, especially withe quote at the toppa the index. I have summore wisdom for ya, dear...

'The more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
-the Infant Jesus of Prague

trustNjesus, dear,
and wiseabove to Seventh-Heaven.
God bless your indelible soul.

Shammickite said...

Perhaps you should have provided a REAL baby for Mrs Olsen to cuddle with.

Shiralynkay said...

So glad you are going to restore the quilt to a real quilt. You have a treasure there. We call those orphan quilts. I have several and would never part with mine. I have some that my great grandmother made besides my grandmother. Sure hope my kids keep them when I am gone.

jobfinaly said...

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I think the quilt top is very beautiful and I would have treasured it if my grandmother had made it, but there you go. I always love to see what you have been weaving, and you never disappoint, always beautiful too. As for the lady making comments on the 'baby', what a sad person. It's a doll, showing off a lovely fabric, get a life!

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Because every thread counts