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Monday, August 17, 2015


Two posts in two days????  What the hey?????

Over the weekend, I was up early, as usual, and happened to see a truck out by the end of my driveway.
On the side of it, it said "Balloon Chase".

I ran for my camera, knowing that the balloon was somewhere.

Out the back door I ran, and there it was.

It was just taking off in the field next to me.

It was a beautifully, cool morning.

I wonder if they are smiling because I am in my nightgown??

It only took a minute for them to be up and away.

I was snapping away.

What a nice way to start my day.
Up Up and Away.


claudia said...

I saw a hot air balloon this morning too, all the way over here on the west coast...I have pictures of one that went over my house one morning a few weeks ago. It wasn't as colorful as the one you got pictures of. It's so exciting to see them. I don't think I'd ride in one though.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Going up in one of them would be a real adventure, you wouldn't know where you will end up.

Anna M. Branner said...
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sue said...

First thing I thought of when I saw your fabulous picture was a quilt pattern!

We get a lot of balloons around the 4th of July. It makes me laugh that I can hear them before the dog realizes what is about to happen. Min is the first dog that will actually stop barking at them. All it takes is my hand on her head along with a soft it's okay. Where was Roy?

Happy day!

Daryl said...

what a great start to your day .. and what super shots you got!

Cait Throop said...

Ohhhhh these are amazing shots, Hilary!!! What a beautiful sight to start your morning! When I lived in Amherst, MA I would take my oldest over somewhere near Pittsfield in the Berkshires (don't remember where anymore) and get there around 5:30 am to watch the balloons fill up and take off! What magic!!!

Rain said...

I love going ballooning twice! If u get a chance to --do it!! Beautiful photos!!

Country Girl said...

These are great, Hilary! Nightgown story and all . . . !!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts