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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wearing out.

There's is a steady dripping of water somewhere hitting something hard outside of my living room window.
How do I know?  Because I have listened to it pounding away all day.

Why you say?  Because I have been lounging on my SOFA most of the day, oh, and yesterday, too.

You would think that after my 'too many to count' days of lying on the sofa with headaches/post surgery recovery, etc, that I might be none too happy to be here again.
And you would be right.

About three weeks ago, I had this nasty groin pain.  I had trouble lifting my leg up to get it in the car.
I tolerated it for a bit, then decided to go to my orthopedic doc, to be sure it wasn't my hip.

They xrayed my hip, and said it was fine.  Must be a muscle pull.  Go to Physical Therapy.  Come back in three weeks.  I was quite relieved.

Well, that all sounded good.  But as I now know, it was pie in the sky.  You would think I would know better by now.
Saturday night, I went to pop up off the SOFA, only to find that bearing weight on my left leg felt like stepping on a live electrical wire, that sent a jolt all the way to my groin, and around to my hip.
Mother of God.
I could not walk a step without help.
I don't know what's worse: the pain, or the not knowing what is wrong.

I suffered all night, unable to sleep, unable to find one position that did not cause these incredible spasms.  On Sunday, I couldn't get off the couch without a cane in one hand, and DH on the other.
Finally, by 3pm, I concurred with my #1 daughter and my friend SUE, who had adamantly ordered me to the ER.
So I went.  Getting to the car was a trick, but once there, thankfully they had a wheel chair.

FIVE hours later, I was discharged home, on steroids, with the knowledge that my hip was NOT fine, at all.  It was highly inflamed, with fluid on it, arthritic, and had plenty of cause to be unhappy.

Now I know.  Overuse, the doctor said.
Imagine that.

One thing I have learned as I have gotten OLDER.  You just never know what to expect.
Not that you did when you were younger.  Of course, you didn't know what to expect then either.

One thing is that when you are younger, you are fairly oblivious, one of the perks of being young. The other difference is that when you are OLDER, there are so many more likely scenarios.  Your body changes.

This doesn't work.
This wears out.
This breaks.
This needs work.
And on and on.

I hate to say it, but as soon as the doctor said OVERUSE, I saw my beautiful AVL clearly.
I felt a stabbing pain, but not in my hip this time.
Chest height.

Could it be?  There are two treadles, one up, one down, and you have to use them both.
I get going pretty fast, no telling how many times a minute my hips are lifting my legs up then down.
I can't imagine how many times in an hour? two? three?
And how many in a whole day? two?

I can't imagine parting with this loom.
I can't imagine living with this pain for long.

That's what getting older is about.  Changes, Decisions.  Lots of them.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that is not good news! My first thought while reading your woes is that maybe you had overdone while moving possessions from one home to the other. It never occurred to me that the AVL might be the culprit! Yikes! Rest and recover. Sending you lots of warm and pleasant thoughts.

Shepherdess55 said...

I hope you heal well and soon. Perhaps working with a occupational and/or physical therapist would help when weaving on the AVL. They would be able to teach you how to do the foot pedals without injury from repetitive actions.

Cindie said...

Can you convert your AVL to an e-lift? Mine is newer and came with the e-lift, all I have to do is tap on what looks like a sewing machine pedal. It can be set up for a tap for raising the harnesses up and a tap for putting them down or how I have mine set up is that it raises and lowers at the same time.

Theresa said...

Are you reasonably certain it is just the AVL and not weaving in general? It might be time to look towards looms with electronics. I know you like LeClerc looms, there is the Weavebird...
Regardless, get through this and then decide. Hope it all clears up quickly but I'm betting you have some wonderful company with you on the sofa...

Country Gal said...

Oh my that is awful ! I hope there is something that can help you get back on track . I have inflammation with Arthritis but not that bad I get pains and aching from damp cold weather and cant use my hands properly and hurt when I walk but that is crazy OUCH ! Take care and yes maybe time to get into electronic looms at least that way you can still enjoy it and not over do it ! Take care .

Susan said...

Oh, my.... I can well imagine the pain! You poor thing....

I've been through it twice and its dreadful. Right now REST and anti inflammatories and ICE are your best friends.

I think the e-lift is your answer to the AVL and might be worth checking out. I have a Megado but it still requires a healthy leg action to make it go.... and I'm on the couch too with a bone on bone left knee.
So, its REST, ant inflammatories and ICE for me too.
Hugs, Susan

Gayle said...

Ouchie! Sorry to hear,but a hip replacement, should it be in the cards, is a piece of cake. I was walking 20 min a day at the 4 week mark. It has been 5 weeks now and I am not using a cane and am off pain pills. Had both of my knees done at the same time 4 years ago. Hip is easy-peasy.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Convert the loom to the e-lift! My former teacher has AVL's and began having problems so converted hers. Problems solved.

KarenInTheWoods said...

my goodness gal, from the top of your head now to your bottom half. You gotta start feeling good soon!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
(Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Lydia La La said...

So sorry to read you are cracking up. Who ever said that hard work doesn't hurt anyone was totally wrong. Thinking of you and hoping it will clear up soon after lots of rest and good care. xx

thotlady said...

Sorry to hear that. Hang in there.

Janet said...

As others have mentioned, you may be able add the E-lift to your AVL. Although the E-lift has a sewing machine type pedal, some folks have a button on the beater instead. The E-lift makes weaving a delight.

AVL is not the only loom manufacturer that has an electronic lift.

Diane said...

I am sorry to hear of your troubles...hip pain, no, any pain is so difficult and unfair. I wish you a healthy, pain free solution. You need your weaving!

Nancy said...

Lots of ups and downs with you. Sorry you are literally down on the sofa. No doubt weaving is hard on the hips. I am enjoying reading about your move to the studio.

Daryl said...

well that sucks .. maybe if you stay away from that evil AVL you'll get better and then use it not a whole day at a time .. maybe .. i doubt it

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Oh Hilary, sending healing wishes your way, lots of rest, and give that pesky hip a chance to heal.
I've developed a trigger thumb after years and years of pounding on calculators and keyboards, they have scheduled me for surgery on Thursday. Seems there is always something breaking or wearing out these days.

Nancy's Fiber Blog said...

I have a 16H AVL FDL just like yours. It was difficult to treadle and then (after 20 years) I made the springs as loose as possible - what a difference! I am thinking of adding extensions to the 4 springs in the front that are still a bit tight. One can weave successfully with VERY loose springs.

MarthaVA said...

Ah Hilary. I'm feeling your pain....literally. Well, mine is my knees, but I understand the hip also. (((hugs))) and I hope you're not in pain long.
Please, rest. Sometimes, just taking it easy seems like a waste of time for people that need to be busy all the time (like you, and me). Honestly, when my body tells me enough is enough, I say, okay, it's time to enjoy the moment, and I rest. No, I don't like it, but I accept it (most of the time....).
I hope you heal quickly, sending healing thoughts your way.
Me? I'm having arthroscopic surgery on my right knee on 31 Mar. I'm hoping the left knee will be quick to follow, if I can get the docs to listen to me.
Don't give up on the AVL. It might not be the only thing that was going on - seems you did a bunch of moving of heavy stuff, and maybe it was a combo of things.
Hang in there my friend. You're tough. Life might try to slow you down, but you're not going to listen! :-D
Hug that handsome Roy Boy for me!

Sharon said...

How disappointing! One of my friends has many shafts that are lifted with a sewing machine treadle. I'm sure there's a way for you. Say with Monty Python - I'm not dead yet! Tis but a flesh wound :)

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Because every thread counts