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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thinking is overrated.

Today I took some time, to just sit with the chickie girls. That's what I call them.
13 little lovelies.
I find that I like them better all the time.

They are growing fast, even the little pecked one seems to be doing well.

Then I spent some time at the loom, weaving more container rugs.

I love when the fringe is tied, and they are all stacked up, ready for inventory.

I found a really neat feature on Amazon the other day.
It's called Subscribe and Save.  There are lots of products to choose from, and they will be delivered on a regular basis, on whatever schedule you want.  The more things you order, the more discount you get, and the shipping is free!
So I ordered greenies to be delivered monthly, since Roy is addicted to them.  I got a great price, much cheaper than I pay at the pet store, and now I don't have to think about it.  I also found coffee pods, that I hope I love, because they are environmentally friendly.
Regular Keurig pods are a huge problem for the environment, and there is also alot of conversation about the inadvisability of running the hot water through "plastic" and then ingesting it.
So I am trying pods from San Francisco coffee.  They have a plastic ring to hold them in the Keurig, but the water runs through paper, not plastic.
I will report back whether I like the cofffee or not.
Fingers crossed.  And it's reasonably priced, delivered monthy, one more thing not to have to think about.

Sometimes not thinking is just perfect.


Gayle said...

Thanks for the info re: the SFO coffee pod. We switched quite some time ago to the reusable ones with a fine mesh. Not too bad to wash them each time and reuse. Will look forward to hearing how you like the SFO blend. Love that RoyBoy gets his treats regularly.

Susan said...

I'll be looking forward to your coffee review, too. I dislike the plastic pods and don't use them for that reason. But the reuseable ones - while environmentally friendlier - are a mess to deal with. I love those rugs. It just makes me want to learn to weave even more. (Isn't that a darling age for chicks? They are like Tweenies.)

Daryl said...

we have a Keurig at the office so i will also be interested in your review, currently i buy the office pods direct from Keurig ... xo

Vicky said...

I'm so stuck in my ways- its not all bad I think. We never jumped on the Keurig bandwagon. I still grind my beans every day and we use the same coffeemaker we've had for years. Hope the new pods are great! And I will have to check into the subscribe and save- sounds like useful items and free delivery would do it for me :)

Karen said...

Crap. We've been using the plastic Keurig cups :-( Never thought of that.

Susan said...

I don't drink coffee, but hubby does. I bought him a Nepresso for Christmas and it not only has aluminum containers, but they give you a bag to fill and take back for recycling. My sister has a Keurig, so I'll mention this to her. Love the rugs and I can't wait until we move (about 4 weeks) and I'll be able to add some to our home, XOXO

Donna S. said...

looking forward to the coffee review. I am using the plastic pods & would love a different option.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts