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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Sunday

328 posts in 2011
260 posts in 2012
156 posts in 2013

Guess that tells the tale, doesn't it?   2013 was a tough year.
So far, 2014 has been much better.  Different, but better.

I am learning to take time off, to do totally what I want to do.
Like sitting on a lawn chair in the chicken run, just to see what's what.

"Clicking with the chickies," as Karen pointed out.

Look at my little girl with the naked neck.  It is starting to fuzz over.....but look at how small she is  next to "Tank".

I didnt weave today.  I took the day OFF.  What a concept.

I went to visit my dear friend, and we had a lovely time.

Then I came home and made pies.


And then I made some Pesto Spinach quesadillas that I found on Pinterest.
They were SO good.  And easy.  A winning combination in my book.

Tomorrow is baby day.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Oh wow!! How I love rhubarb pie!!

Karen said...

It's all good :-)

messymimi said...

Baby day is the best day of the week, i'm sure.

The quesadillas look luscious.

claudia said...

Dale is getting so big! She is beautiful!!!
I'll have a slice of that Rhubarb pie. It reminds me of my grandma, she grew the rhubarb in the backyard and then she and I would harvest some and bake pies....mmmm good!
Your chicks are looking good. I think the little "pecked" one will hold her own, she still looks as though she's thriving.

Daryl said...

oh i love both the baby and the chick pix but i am drooling over those quesadillas

Sally said...

Having a hard time leaving a comment, so if I repeat myself, I'm sorry.

We haven't had rhubarb in a very long time. When we lived in Washington state, our mom made the pies which my brother loved.

Such a beautiful baby.
Such a blessing. :)

Country Girl said...

Hey there. It's me. Your absent friend. Been thinking about you lately, especially because I'm leaving for Maine on Friday. Went to your Pinterest board and found the recipe. Will make it this week when my sisters are here! xoxo
Have fun on Baby Day ~

Susan said...

Those quesadillas look amazing! Hope you had a wonderful day with that adorable baby - how could you not!?

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts