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Saturday, June 7, 2014


I've been busy  this spring, watching my grand baby, planting the garden, trying to get my life back on track.  Some days it just seems like there is never enough time.

I needed baby chicks like I needed another hole in my head.
Not everyone can say that.  I guess that is ONE of the perks.

I am hoping that as they get bigger, I will like them.  So far, I don't really.
I have two little barred rocks that are being pecked, probably to death.

There are two camps, first those who say separate them, put them in the bird cage; and second, those who say they'll make it or they won't, and that's the scheme of things.  God's plan.
What do you think?

And all you who love your chickens, please tell me why?

I heard from a friend the other day on the subject, who sent me several links to articles about how intelligent chickens are.  I couldn't argue with them.

But what I see doesn't compute.  I see aggravation.

Today, I just needed some alone time at the studio, and that's just what I got.

 Did some accounting, some shipping, some reconciling accounts, and then finally got some weaving done.

Tying fringe is just better with a Corona.
That's my take, anyway.

I was really enjoying myself, playing with colors at the loom.   No pressure.  Just a lovely quiet day by myself.
 I could feel myself getting calm and feeling better.

I have always needed my "alone" time, even as a child.  My mother used to worry about it, I'm not sure she ever got over that.

I have sold about 13 rugs in the past week, so my goal is to replenish my stock.

Three down, ten to go.
But oh, are they ever fun.


Theresa said...

I'm with you Hillary, I need my alone time.
I do some of my best thinking in the car, by myself going down the mountain.
As you know chickens are not my idea of a fun farm animal-Fowl are foul- but I couldn't bear to see one pecked to death,
just like I wouldn't let two dogs fight to the death or anything else if I could help it. Mother Nature is meddlesome and so am I. ;)

Anonymous said...

We have probably three neighbors that have chickens and we hear them doing a bit of clucking early in the morning. I wish they would offer to share the eggs they are getting, if any, but owning chickens does not appeal to us. I think having them just attracts predatory animals to one's property... and our dogs would be licking their predatory lips too!

Great looking rugs!

Lona said...

Now you know why commercial chicken farmers trim the chickens' beaks. I am not supporting or bashing the practice. Just letting you know that what you are experiencing is very normal. That's why I sometimes laugh inside when people talk about celebrating the "pigness of the pig", etc.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I have really enjoyed my chickens. I haven't had an issue with pecking, but you can check with Terry at HenBlog because she always has tons of tips about chickens and what to do with problems like that. I think the BluKote can distract the peckers because it covers up the exposed skin. You might try that.

claudia said...

I love my alone time SOOO much! I believe everyone needs some.
As for the chickens, I have two. I got them because one of my customers asked me if I wanted he held a baby chick in each hand. How could I say no? I put them in a brooder, and promptly went and got two more. Luckily, because one of the original ones died, and then one that I purchased died. I have the two left still after about three years. They have moved once with me and will be moving again soon. When I am having a hard day, I sit on the porch and watch them, occasionally they will come in the house and visit me, when I have forgotten that they are out and leave the door open. I don't know why, but they just make me smile.

Rita said...

I have always needed alone time, too! It's a requirement for my sanity and is like food for my soul. And sometimes doing repetitive projects like your tying is what works the best to destress.

I know nothing about chickens, but animals can truly be nasty and cruel. If you remove the two, then you will probably need another home for them as adults, wouldn't you? And would the flock then just pick the next chicken on the bottom of the pecking order to torture? I haven't a clue. Sounds very stressful to me. More alone time is in order--LOL! ;)

thotlady said...

I love your rugs. I bought one for my kitchen and I get a lot of compliments on it.

I like my alone time too. Too much sometimes.

Daryl said...

my husband's father had at one time a small chicken farm .. my husband said chickens are stupid … i guess much as i don't like to see any animal/creature being hurt that its survival of the fittest …

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Okay Hillary, you had me laughing the first couple of sentences. One of the Sabbath Keeping quotes was ""The bad news is, times flies.
The good news is, you're the pilot."
~ Michael Altshule ~
Heck, a good beer makes doing most anything better...imho. GRIN!

Karen said...

Hmmm.. well... I had a feather plucker and I got rid of that hen. Now all of my others get along just fine, it's a docile group. Not sure why your two are being pecked unless there is something definitely wrong with them.. didn't they all come together, the same size? Weird. If you separate them, they will always be the outsiders. Tough call, this. I would be inclined to give them to someone who doesn't have other chickens and just wants a few or to a large farm where there are many and they free roam, perhaps.

I have a new group of eight, about ten weeks old now, they all get along just fine as well.

annie said...

I have never had chicks, and they aren't allowed here in town, but I could not stand to see them pecked. I'd get rid of the peckers, they sound like bullies. And if you really are not attached to them, give them all away, to separate homes. Love your weaving.

Hilary said...

I'm thinking by your choice of words that you've joined the "let nature take its course" camp. To me, I suppose it depends on the reason for having them. If it's business.. educational.. productive then I'd say "let them either adapt or succumb. But if it's for the kidlets' enjoyment, responsibility and they can be construed in any way as pets, I'd separate them and give them a "fighting" chance.

Those rug colours are absolutely lovely. I think they reflect the brightness of feeling hopeful. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

Chickens...why do we even tolerate them when they are stupid and mean and exhibit just the kind of behavior we don't want our children or grandchildren to learn? They will peck at and persecute any one of their relatives that looks different or has a flaw.
I don't know the answer. But I do love them.

Susan said...

I find it fascinating that people don't know the difference about needing to be alone and not lonely. I too, always need to be alone, but it is something my mother "got" about me, XOXO

Susan said...

I find it fascinating that people don't know the difference about needing to be alone and not lonely. I too, always need to be alone, but it is something my mother "got" about me, XOXO

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Because every thread counts