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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Starting over, every day.

While it seems that my head is finally healing, and my life is feeling more normal, I still struggle with the nagging suspicion that my brain has indeed been rebooted.
Or perhaps I am just getting older, or it is a combination of head trauma AND age.

But my priorities have changed.  My perspective is vastly different.
Some days that's ok, and other days I don't quite know what to do about it.

Mostly I find that the simplest parts of my day make me the happiest, and I find myself longing for those things.
Excessive noise, confusion, crowds, anything the least unnerving, leaves me cold.

For a long time, I was unmoved by things that had previously made me happy.  I felt like I was suffering from some kind of amnesia.  I would go to the studio, and feel totally at a loss about what to do next.
I think I'm getting better.  I didn't know it would take so long.

Today we were weaving.   L finished this rosepath rug.  She's definitely got this down.

And I was making a couple of container rugs, my faves.

I remember now what I didn't like about chickens, all those years ago when I had them.  They are pretty dumb, and mean to each other, for starters.
But these chicks are getting big, and feathering out, and whatever I'm doing, it must be right, because they seem happy enough.
The little "pecked" one  is out with the rest, as of today. I kept her in the bird cage as long as I dared.  She was lonely, and she has  to make her own way.  So I put Vicks on her neck, and let her go.  A big yellow chick ran up to her like she was about to PECK her hard, but she must have got a whiff of Vicks, because she didn't.  Then they all kind of checked her out, and apparently Vicks is a deal breaker.
For a while, she stood by herself, in the corner, and I felt sure that she was not going to make it.
But later when I went out, she was snuggled up against a big yellow chick, and as I watched, my little chick PECKED the bigger one.
I'm like, " NO NO, for GOD'S sake, don't START it.  Be NICE."

Thank God they grow up quicker than children.


Dizzy-Dick said...

I am going through that hereafter phase of life. You know, why the heck did I come in this room and what was I here after. I guess when you reach my age, nature makes sure you get extra walking in by letting your mind forget things. . (grin) Hey I am 71 you know.

Nan said...

You make me really miss my chickens. But it is quite hard to have chickens and travel North American in our motorhome. Ahhh, well....I will just live through your experiences.

Karen said...

And now you know where the term Henpecked came from. You're a good chick mama.. and I will keep that remedy in mind should I need it in the future. I had one feather plucker that I gave away to someone with a bigger herd of chickens.

and I have three words for you... "Follow Your Bliss".

thotlady said...

Funny chickens. We visited friends of ours this weekend who just started raising chickens. We want to get 4 or 5, but are waiting to see how our friends fare.

Daryl said...

you're words 'don't start' to the chick totally made me LOL … really … i am glad you're enjoying life again i suspect you held back out of fear you'd be pecked by life ..

Theresa said...

WEll, glad the little chick has become one with the flock. And she'll never catch cold either. ;)
Lovely weaving, the rosepath looks great. Nice job Ladies!

Theresa said...
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Theresa said...
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Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

After I became a vegetarian, I'd sometimes eat chicken because they were almost vegetables. Some chicken keepers go on about their chickens personalities, but I'm skeptical. Keeping a little flock of ducks tempts me

Abby said...

Your little chick story made me laugh. My grandparents raised chickens and I remember the group picking and pecking just one - it was awful to see. That stayed with me growing up and then, I realized as an adult that people do that to one another too. It's awful to see (or be the victim) in people too.

So glad you're feeling better and enjoying the things that matter most to you!

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Because every thread counts