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Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday thoughts.

Sometimes I don't know how I feel about blogging.   Maybe I have less to say, because my life has changed.  Is that true for any of you??

The person who started this blog seven (yikes!!!! seven?????) years ago,  is not exactly the same person I am today.

If you've been following, you already know what I mean.

I feel sometimes, like I am in that dark hallway.  The door behind me is closing, but the doors in front of me are not open either.  So I don't exactly know where I am going.

So I concentrate on doing "one day at a time" old stand by.
It has worked for me before, and it still sustains me.

First baby blanket off the loom.

 It has rained on and off all week long.   I have always LOVED the rain, but my head HATES it.

There was some thread left on the blanket warp, so I sat Lois down to test drive the AVL.  She has resisted weaving on it since I got it last year.

She was getting very comfortable with it........and her selvedges look great.

The next warp is ready to go.  This is going to be a baby wrap for my sweet baby Dale.

Lois and I got it on the loom, tomorrow let the threading begin.

 Whenever I feel overwhelmed, not sure of what is next, I look at this face, and somehow it just doesn't seem all that important.


mkd said...

In 2000 or maybe it was 1999 when I started blogging I used to write freely with no abandon; now I censor myself, worry what others think, wonder if I am interesting enough to write a blog - who really cares or reads these days.

What I have done is started keeping a Day One Journal where I write all my deep dark private stuff, and my blog is more of a pint rest, image fun stuff blog.

I love reading your blog and hope you keep writing in whatever way feels good to you.

Deb said...

I love the photo of the room at the studio, Hilary. That's what I picture when I think of you. Right down to the cat in the window. :) I think we all feel sometimes that we don't have much to say but that's the way life is. Those are the days I just put up more photos and keep my trap shut. Oh that baby she cute or what!! Hope the sun shines soon for you. Its much the same here. Hugs

claudia said...

OMG! That sweet baby. If you don't feel like writing anything, please just post pictures of that adorable girl! She makes me smile...ear to ear.
Not that I don't love reading what you have to share, I do, but, well, you know, you get to snuggle with her.

Alicenoneland said...

I feel from the blogs I follow that you are picking up on the current trend - lots of pics and short captions - a photo journal style - it's actually inspiring and creative - but go with your heart and don't feel guilty ❤️

Anonymous said...

I say you should take a week or two away from blogging... perhaps even as much as a month. Sometimes that can reinforce whether or not you need to stay in it or leave it and just call your blog done. I think that is sort of the route that other bloggers take, some never to return to blogland, and that's okay. We aren't required to blog... :) I too have days where I'm not sure I should be blogging anymore, and at some point I know that I will pull the plug and blog will go Bye Bye... down the proverbial dead blog drain. XOX

Daryl said...

my blog has had so many make overs its hardly what it was when it began Sept 2007 .. i had to go back and actually look at the date on the first post .. i think i may re-run that first post .. how naive i was then ... .. weren't we all .. wishing you less rain pain

Nancy said...

Don't stop blogging. I would miss you.

MaryB said...

Hilary, what size yarn and how long of a warp is this? It looks so long!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts