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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A free loom and giveaway results.

I warned DH that the bird was making a nest in the gazebo again.  His assignment was to deter it from doing so, otherwise sitting in the gazebo is impossible, because momma bird won't feed her babies if you are there.  That happens just about the time you want to open the pool.
He informed me the other day that he did in fact go out there, and was going to take down the nest that was already completed, until he saw the little blue eggs in it.
So once again this year,  we will be banned until the babies fly the coop, so to speak.

As of today, there are hungry babies in the next.

I will admit that it has been the week from hell.  To be honest, I don't think anyone who has had surgery for Chiari Malformation, ever wants a head cold, complete with violent coughing spasms.
It is just not pleasant.  Whether it is the hole in my skull, (sorry to be so blunt), or the rods in my neck, coughing makes my head hurt in a way that I find difficult to even explain.  It is more severe and disabling that a headache.  So all week, I have done what I could early on in the day, and ended up on the couch with Roy.  I slept a lot.
This is the first cold I have had since my first surgery in August 2012.  Pretty impressive.  I hope it is at least that long or longer before my next one.  I know next week will be better.  Just goes to show,  when you think your life is hard, hold on, something will come along to prove to you that maybe it could be worse.

In my weaving endeavors, I would like to share my troubled warp with you weavers. (otherwise, skip this paragraph, it will bore you to tears)
  I put on 30 yards of 8/2 cotton for a baby wrap for my granddaughter.  768 threads.  I wanted to do 24 ends per inch.  I didn't have a 12 dent reed for my AVL, so I used a 6, which meant putting 4 threads per dent.
As soon as I got it all threaded, and started weaving, I knew I had a problem.  The threads were sticking together so badly, I couldn't throw the shuttle through.  If I cleared the shed with my hand, or pulled the threads tighter across the sticky beam, the shed was great.   But as soon as I changed sheds, the threads stuck together again.   I am not positive, but I think it is threading them 4 to a dent.  The threads are too close, too many, too close.
I have woven with 8/2 cotton on this loom for a year, and never had this issue before.  So I ordered a 12 dent reed from AVL, and weaving is at a stand still until I get it.  I just don't know what else could be the problem.


Yes, I am serious.   A while back, I was gifted with a loom.  While it was beautiful, I just did not have room among the 13 or so other looms I already owned, so I re-gifted it to a friend of mine.
Fast forward, she bought a smaller loom that she is smitten with, and she wants to re-gift this loom again.  So.......
It is a 16 harness loom....only 12 on it...........60 inches wide, a jack loom.  Please email me for more information.  I will give you her phone number.  It needs to be picked up in Hudson Falls, NY.

Here it is:

Today was a lovely day with all my daughters, son in laws, and grands here for lunch.
I love them all.   They keep me young.

Without further ado, after subtracting duplicate posts, there were 44 posts in all.

Using, I came up with 36, so the winner is "thotlady".   
Congrats!!   Email me with your mailing information.  My email is on my web page 

Happy Mother's Day everyone.


Unknown said...

Hi Hilary, I sure wish I lived closer to NY, only 1,000 + for me, I would dearly like to have the loom she is giving away.
I love reading your post every day that I can, I am a newbie kinda, I made my own cricket loom and stand but would love to go further, some day.
Happy Mothers day,

Unknown said...

Heather said...

I'm warping a baby wrap too! It's also 768 threads. I wish you luck with the sticky threads. I had trouble at first too. After a while it got better... I don't know why (weaving elves?)

Peg Cherre said...

The distance isn't a problem for me, but oh, how I wish for longer arms & legs. And a bigger house. I would LOVE that loom - I hanker after 16H, having only 8. But I tried a 48" loom and had to physically get up every time I needed to release the brake and advance the warp. So not efficient or enjoyable. I'm going to trust that the person who gets it will be absolutely thrilled.

Connie in Hartwood said...

Paying it forward ... I love it! I hope your cold and cough improve every day.

Gjeani said...

Hi Hillary, I love reading your blog , I never commend much though but now I think i should becourse I can hardly read it anymore becourse of the change of the writing. the letters appear really tiny on my computer. is it just me or something with my computer? or do more people have this? I hope you can help me with this one becourse I never had it before.

ladyoftheloom said...

Glad you had a good Mothers Day I did too!

Hope your cold continues to improve...this years variety was horrible!

Joanna said...

I have a warp rep rug on my Glimåkra in 3/2 cotton so right now I am an 'expert' in sticky sheds. The first sleying was 4 ends per dent in an 8 dent reed. The only shed was the one in the garden. Second time I sleyed at 3 ends per dent in a 10 dent reed. It was 1200+ ends. I feel for you! Hope your cold is better soon.

Gayle said...

Have you seen this?

Deb said...

My daughter went to cut a tree down and discovered a morning dove in her nest. So...tree stays.
Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Hilary. You deserve it. Hugs, Deb

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Because every thread counts