Crazy as a Loom

Friday, April 11, 2014

Oh, my.

I tell my carpenter that when I have crazy ideas, he makes them come true.

He also makes the MESS come true.

Sometimes I do ask myself:  "What the HELL were you thinking??"

(That toilet HAS to go)

Ack, it will be alright.   I think it will be really nice when it is finished.  But of course, one thing leads to another.  Now it all needs to be painted.
And cleaned.
And then there will be a peninsula in this area, with stools on one side.

I want this big old house to be a home as well as a working studio.
That involves a little rehab, and some downsizing.

In the meantime, I am still trying to get the towel warp off the AVL.   My yellow post it note that said 10 on it, just showed up taped to the sectional beam.  So that means I have approximately 10 yards left.

I have woven lots of different colors on this towel warp, so I decided to do the last 10 in a natural cotton flake.

Every once in a while, one shaft sticks, can you see the error???

For the most part, I have become very comfortable and pleased with my AVL folding dobby loom.
However, I never did set up the flyshuttle.   I sent a picture of the parts I have to AVL, and sure enough, there are some missing.
So that's my next project, getting the parts, and getting the flyshuttle on the loom and getting it to work.
It's intimidating, but I know once I figure it out, it won't be.
In the meantime, looks like some cleaning is in order.


Connie in Hartwood said...

Sometimes, things have to get worse in order to get better. Keep remembering that the mess will turn into something much improved.

Vicky said...

Oh gosh- I am never very good with those in-between stages either. But I do see how lovely it will all be- soon- right? Soon!

Tyche's Minder said...

All that openness is going to be great. Love the toilet in the middle of the floor. You'll smile later when you look back at the pictures. :)

Unknown said...


Dizzy-Dick said...

Yes, leave the toilet there. Not only would it be a great conversation piece it would be quite convenient (grin).

Alicenoneland said...

EEK !! All that clean up. But, Yes it sure will be worth it for the light ❤️
I can't wait to get home, lots of fun ahead.

ktweaver said...

You are going to sooooo enjoy all the new light. Missed you at the HMWG meeting this week.

Lydia La La said...

Hi... been ages since I commented but I have been the regular stalker following your journey. The renovations look pretty damn exciting. Never mind the mess!! Your colours are so like mine it is uncanny. I have yellow doors and window surrounds though. I hope you are getting easier with the pain each day. Such a rotten thing to happen to you. You have a cute baby in the family now too. Take care. xx

Daryl said...

i am so excited about your remodel ... of course its easy to be excited when you're not the one cleaning up

1horsetown said...

Is the warp on the AVL mercerized or did you find a non mercerized slub yarn? I love the look, but haven't figured out how to make that work.

We had a major over-haul done on our house while we lived in it. Imagine 4-6 strange men wandering in and out of your house at all hours of the day and night. And the first thing they'd do in the mornings was take the bathroom door off of the only bathroom in the house....even if they weren't working in there that day. Go figure.

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Because every thread counts