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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Couple of things.

Up early and walking Roy by the river. Out the door in a hoodie, cell phone in my pocket just in case I twist my ankle or something and need to call for a ride.
It is so warm, and while I am loving it, it also is very disturbing to me.
A voice keeps saying, "an inconvenient truth".

What does it mean?  Really?  For the planet??

I know a lot of people think that they won't be around to see what happens down the road, but is that fair??  To our children?  To our grandchildren?

Today is my turn to take my mother to church.......I went last week, because one of my daughter's took my turn when my head threatened to explode.
Update:  my headache is still with me, but a 3-4.......and incredible as it sounds, I am ok with it.  Hopeful, that someday it will be gone entirely, but ok still.  Steroid injection # 2 tomorrow.

And while I am not a fan of the Salvation Army's church service, blasphemy, I know, I am still grateful for so many things.
My family.  Dear friends, Roy and four  FIVE lovely felines.  Chocolate chip scones.  An 8 shaft Macomber with waffle weave in wool.  The library.   Walks in springtime weather.

Even if it's ominous.

I'll leave you today, with a few pictures of that wild, feral, dangerous know the one.......


He meets us at the step, as soon as you get out of the car, you can hear him meowing.

I swear, he is saying LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME.
And so we do.


Deb said...

That is such a beautiful photo of the tree's reflection in the water. I know what you mean, I, too wonder what the hell's goin' on. It was so hot here today and it should have been +4, instead it was +21. Nuts! Kane was exhausted when I brought him back from our walk. I had to walk really slow with him as he is not ready for this heat and he has a heavy coat yet. Very strange. Let us know how the kitty is doing at the vet. Next looks like a sweetheart. Deb

Need A Latte Mom said...

@ denise..I know! Those cats are so abused. Someone really should call PETA.
I think they (the cats) have a sign posted in the woods that says..for a free meal and a snip go to the loom!

Karen said...

What Denise said. The horrors!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Such a gorgeous kitty--hard to believe he was feral. Before my daughter became ill and unable to drive I was taking food to the local park for the feral cats there. Only one would let me touch her. Park employees said that a cat rescue group had many of them neutered and spayed and released back. Hope someone else is caring for them now--I did call the rescue group to let them know I couldn't get there anymore. Wish I could bring them all home with me!

Unknown said...

Ha, animals know where to go!!
I think the weather is scary, if it's 80 degrees in March, what will it be in July?!?
Some people think there is NO greenhouse effect.

Hilary said...

It is curious.. this wonderful weather. And yes, somewhat worrisome. I hope our concern is for naught.

That's one gorgeous, sweet kitty.

The Cat Guy said...

lovely scenery! you have a nice walking spot. And you take delightful pictures!

Being a migraine sufferer myself, I can completely relate to being ok with low level head pain. None at all sometimes feels like a luxury, just a mild dull pain is doable, but the "please split my head open so the pain might stop" is beyond nasty. I get bad nausea now with them and that's no fun either. Anyway, glad you are not having the real bad ones and I hope the steroid works well for you.

Daryl said...

Next is one lucky kit .. as for the weather .. its weird and I fear it will get weirder ..

Country Girl said...

Love. Love me do.

Now I have that song stuck in my head.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

It was in the 70's here today. I have a peach tree in full bloom which I have never ever seen in March.
It's scary all this warm weather and I am beginning to worry what this summer will bring. I don't do well in hot weather anymore.
Cats are smart. They know all the tricks to be loved and petted!

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Because every thread counts