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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pain in the neck.

I was nervous about today, I won't lie.
It was injection #3 in the back of my neck, and I was somewhat less than thrilled.

So I didn't do much at the studio, and came home at noon, had lunch, and took Roy for a walk before I had to leave.  

The temps were in the 40's, and it was beyond beautiful.
I didn't even care that everything was brown, it was so pleasant to just be outside.
And you know Roy loves it.

We walked down the the local beach, Haviland's Cove.     It is so quiet this time of year, and I was needing to find some serenity.

I had two injections in one week, last Monday and Wednesday.  It was too much for one week.
The first one was tough, very painful.  I was tense, and couldn't relax,  and it made it hurt that much worse.
The second injection was even more brutal, since my anticipation was so high.  My muscles tightened right up, and when the needle went in, I flinched and he had to do it again.

I wanted to be like calm waters.   But I knew that no matter how much I concentrated on it, I needed some help.
No, I didn't smoke any dope or anything.
Not that I didn't think about it.

But I did have some Flexeril that my GP gave me  a couple of months ago, so right before we left, I took TWO.  Ten mg total.
Let's just say that TEN was plenty for me, I am such a cheap drunk.

I could only hope and pray that it would take the edge off my nerves, so that it wouldn't hurt so much, or take so long.
In the waiting room, there was a young woman, only 33, who fell and suffered much the same injuries that I did, who has had constant headaches for months, just like me.  We talked.
It was amazing.  It is the first time in all of this, that I haven't felt like a freak of nature......I mean, c'mon........WHO has a headache this long????   Me.......and her!   And probably a whole lot of other people, that I haven't met.
But just talking to someone who totally understood, priceless.    Really.

She was there for her second injection, right after me.

When it was my turn, I laid face down on the table, they prepped my neck, the doctor came in.

It was NOTHING like the first two times.
It hurt, but not the kind of hurt that makes you moan, cry, drool spit out of your mouth, wish to murder the director of the needle.
No.  It hurt, I told them when it did, he moved the needle, again I responded, he did it once more.    I answered, then he said, "You're done".
Oh, sweet mercy.
Flexeril, I love you.   I won't go here again without you.

Now, let's get back to weaving, OK???


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Ooh deary, I can only imagine the pain {cringe}.
Do they put a topical pain reliever on your neck before they give you the injection ?
I have shots in my knee, they give a combination of lidocaine and something else before they shoot the BIG helps.
Gorgeous shots of the river and sweet friend :)

Nancy said...

So glad to hear you are getting some relief! Keep taking those magic pills before your shot. Any thing that makes it easier is okay. I'm warping my loom for the first time in years. I have forgotten so much!

ain't for city gals said...

Smart move on the Flexeril...I am assuming it is some kind of relaxer. I'm suprise they don't reccomend that you take something before the shot. I really hope thes help have gone through quite enough with this. glad you were able to talk to someone that knows what you are really going means a lot!

Unknown said...

Oh, bummer...does it seem to be working at all???
Next question, the fabric in the last photo, what is that? Just fabric? That looks just like what I am looking for!!

Daryl said...

I read this with all my muscles tense .. ga'bless that drug .. and what wonderful photos, the sunlight is lovely and Roy is so handsome

Karen said...

Amen for small mercies.

Mark said...

Oh, you describing that pain, in such detail, made me cringe. I think I'm going to medicate myself before I visit you next time.
Take care.

Acorn to Oak said...

What a beautiful walk before you had to go to that awful appointment. I can't imagine having injections in my neck. It would be so hard to relax! I'm glad the meds you took helped. I sympathize with your headache pain. I've been dealing with headaches for decades....not daily, but often and nothing like what you have...but I understand how horrible they can be and how much they can affect your life. My heart goes out to you! I hope it gets better very soon!

Country Girl said...

Thank God for drugs that work when they need to. Excellent job, Hilary!

Lili said...

So glad you found something to help with the pain of the injections and to have the comaraderie of someone else who understands is priceless. ~Lili

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Because every thread counts