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Monday, February 20, 2012


Yep.  I got it.
Sounds strange, even feels a little strange to say that, with this pain in my head hanging on.
But it's true.  I am grateful.
Grateful today for so much.

For Crazy as a Loom, 'the studio', that sustains me.

The joy of working at what I love.
It is truly priceless.

I am grateful for the people in my life.  My family.  My friends.

Yesterday, two of my daughters came and cleaned my house.  Just because they knew I have been having a tough time of late, and they wanted to 'do something' to help.

They scrubbed, they vacuumed, they moved furniture, they mopped, they checked every single food item in my cupboard for expiration dates.  They organized.
We talked, and laughed, and they joked about my less than stellar housekeeping skills.

They 'altered' the little sign I had hanging on the cupboard, when I wasn't looking, and then whispered and giggled until I finally saw it.

Comical,  aren't they??

Still, I am incredibly blessed to have three beautiful girls, who have enriched my life beyond measure.

Sydney says:
I don't think that's funny.

I am grateful for a fantastic lunch of Vegetable Cheese Chowder, absolutely delicious, and almost a crime it's so easy.  Yes, the recipe is here, just click on the RECIPE tab.   And enjoy.  People will think you slaved, just don't tell.

Miss Puss is grateful for a brand new window seat.  
I hear ya, Miss Puss.  Sometimes it's just the simplest of things that make us happy.

All in all, a productive day.  L and I rocked, and finished two hot pink and lime rugs.   Our good friend, Michelle popped in, and we chatted and laughed and the afternoon sped right on by.

I am 'staying in the day', OK?   Not thinking any further ahead than right here, and right now.

Cause right here.........I'm A.O.K.

P.S.   Only book left is the Atwater one. $20 plus shipping.


claudia said...

What jewels you have for daughters! Mine are dividing up what they can do and who will be with me according to their schedules when I go and get my arm surgery. my youngest whois out f the area is coming to get my crazy dog to keep with her, because i won't be able to handle him with one arm. Daughters are precious, aren't they???
Love the hot pink and lime rugs. So spring-y pretty!

Unknown said...

Those are just beautiful...(and I'm not a pink person) They are so refreshing. hmmm, I think I need to look through your other colors...

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I wish someone would come clean my house! Actually youngest daughter did pitch in help a while back, but now she has a new boyfriend!
My eldest daughter who was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, went to a new neurologist for a second opinion. Because she is pregnant, more tests can't be done until her baby is born because she will have to wear things glued to her head for 3 days and the glue is toxic. But reviewing her past tests he does not think she has epilepsy, but post concussion migraines. I know you had a fall before your headaches started. Just wondered if this might be what you are experiencing. Hope you feel better soon!

Marsel said...

Glad you had a day full of good things! Miss Puss looks so happy in her window seat...I think I'd like to spend a day or two sitting there. :) Love those pink and green rugs.

Daryl said...

Could I borrow your daughters, please? and I love the combo of pink and green...

Mark said...

Happy Birthday?
I hope I got that right.
Have a great day!

Christine said...

I love the pink and green rugs! You are always inspiring, you should add that to your list of accomplishments for the day.

Deb said...

For some reason I can't get into your post today but I wanted to wish you a "Happy Birthday". Hugs, Deb

Donna S. said...

Happy Birthday!! Aging is wierd, isn't it? Like, how did this happen? Well, I have 2 sons & I sure don't have anybody that will ever clean for me!!!!!!!!!!

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Because every thread counts