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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The fave.

Today was a better day.  
I love better days.

Had a stack of 20 medium sized totes that needed attention.  I had already sewn the hems on them.
So today I sewed the straps on.
I lay them out on my sewing table, and put the strap so.

Here's a few with the straps pinned on.

Then I use my old Kenmore to sew the straps on.   I have to change the thread to match.

Twenty of them.  They took a while.

Then, I powered up my new Techsew sewing machine, to sew up the sides, and do the gussets on the bottom to make them square.

It took about 5 minutes to do one bag, which made me smile.  Usually, the sides were tough to do on the machine, and the gussets were impossible.  I ended up doing the gussets by hand.
This was unbelievably easy.

I did these two, and then the machine stopped cold.
Can't anything be easy????  Ever?????

After a long phone call to Techsew support at Raphael's Sewing Center in Montreal, I discovered that there is a thread stuck in the bobbin..........and I have to remove it.
Which sounds like a job for tomorrow.

Remember Sydney's bed???
Well, today L was making some 'Sweet Bottoms' chair pads, and she made one way too small, by mistake.
I suggested that she give it to Sydney for her bed, but she adamantly said NO WAY.
She doesn't like cats.  You knew that, right???

Yeah, right!!

Check this out Sydney.
L loves you.  You're her favorite.

Oh, wait, that's right, you're everyone's favorite.


Deb said...

She has the same look on her face as I did the first time I used a duvet versus a comforter. "Heaven".

Loomatic said...

I see, "What took you so long to make it for me?" Love Sydney She is such a charmer.

Country Girl said...

I liked reading this. Sorry to hear about your bobbin boo boo but tomorrow's another day ~

Susan said...

I'm cruising blogs and found this:
If you check today`s post, she talks about bags and even inserting a zipper.
Might come in handy for a new line sometime...


Karen said...

Sydney just has that look.

Daryl said...

What a great idea .. Rose is currently sleeping on a bathmat because she had a bit of an accident with her favorite pillow which now needs cleaning and replacing of the stuffing .. sigh .. that girl and her pillows will bankrupt me ... If L ever makes a too small one again, I'll happily buy it for Rose .. Syd looks so happy

Cait Throop said...

hahahahaha love that Sydney! Hi Lois! And Hilary, so happy you had a better day!!

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Because every thread counts