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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To sleep, perchance to dream.

From Crazy as a Loom

For some reason last night, I dreamt of taking a day trip with Kate, over at Chronicles of a Country Girl. I probably included her in my travels, as I had just read her blog post about traveling, right before I went to bed.
Anyhow, she and I and my youngest daughter, Morgan, were going to the town where I grew up, Ticonderoga. In the dream, Morgan was about six, when in actuality, she is 28.
As we came over Charboneau Hill leaving Putnam, Kate said..."Oh, look, there's the fort." From this vantage point, Fort Ticonderoga is visible in the distance. I said, "Yes, and there on the left, is Mt. Defiance, which overlooks the fort. It was the destination of many a hike when I was a kid."
Then as dreams go, we were standing in front of the door of the Black Watch Library. Kate was duly impressed.
And then, we were in Newberry's 'dime' store. It is no longer a store, but a place where they apparently make boats. But in my dream, it was the glorious array of goods I remember as a child. Kate said, "Let me buy you lunch"
I said, "OK, but not here."
The ladies at the lunch counter laughed, their 1950's pointy glasses sparkling.
I said, "Let's go to the Hot Biscuit" (which by the way did not coexist with Newberry's, but this is a dream, and anything goes)
I followed Kate up the back stairs to the parking lot. I turned to see Morgan lying on a bench, apparently not wanting to leave. I said, "Don't make me come get you, and I started counting, which meant she was in big trouble........1............2.............3...(.she jumped off the bench and ran to me).............4......(she hugged my leg, I picked her up, she was laughing)." There were several women watching, with smirks on their faces.
(Yes, this was a time when not only could you threaten your child with a spanking, you could actually spank in PUBLIC. Sometimes, if your child was really bad, people applauded. Some of them at least smiled. Noone thought to call CPS.)
As I was leaving Newberry's, I thought to myself, WOW, Kate drove all the way up here from MD, just to come to Ticonderoga with me.

OK, I can see where this all came from. We are driving to Virginia soon, for a whilrlwind visit to stepdaughter and her family. It is not actually far from MD, and I think that is how this all started. And I have intended for a while to go to Ticonderoga and take pictures of some of these places that I love, and just haven't gotten to it.
At any rate, I love dreams sometimes, the way they fold and touch and leap and land wherever they damn well want to.
And sometimes, it is like a visit to places you can't really ever go to again.

Once in a while, I want to forget my dreams, they remind me of places and people I would rather forget.
But sometimes, like last night, it was just a nice drive.
Thanks for visiting, Kate.


Michael said...

That is certainly a dream worth documenting. :)

Be careful when you're in VA... some real weirdos down here.

Hilary said...

Gotta love dreams like that.. how fun to share it with Kate. :)

Jenny said...

I once had a dream about an unmet blogger also. She was driving a high sped car and I was holding on for dear life! All I will say is she is a knitter and quilter.

Anonymous said...

Virginia.... I would have driven to meet you. Perhaps next time.

What a neat dream!


Country Girl said...

Wow, Hilary. Great dream! I probably would have said all that, too. And I agree that we should eat at a place called the Hot Biscuit!
Loved your dream. I'm just catching up on my mail and trying to work on a post. I wish I had taken macro shots at New Orleans, but I have no regrets.

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Because every thread counts