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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A day off.....say it ain't so

Today on the way to the studio, to feed the cats, there was a garage sale. I had actually driven by it yesterday, but today, something caught my eye.
It looked like it needed a home.
What do you think??

I only paid $10, and I love it. It is old, and faded in places, but intact.
It immediately became the best place to play.

"Hey, I think she's over here."

I lead an exciting life, ya' know.

Here is Kizzy, who is usually camera shy, but today.....well, he's feeling pretty sure of himself. He is my little manx, and the beginning of my rag tag cat collection.

I did promise someone I wouldn't do much who was that???
So I puttered a bit, picked up, and then took a little rest. This is the view from the bed in the pink room.

Or if you happen to have your camera with the zoom lens handy, this is the view you see.........

I love the pink room, and have claimed it for my very own.

I love my camera, too. I sometimes lust after fancier, more expensive ones. But the truth is, I don't really get all techno geek stuff about them. I am one of those people who just take pictures of EVERYTHING, and eventually I get lucky.
Like this one, of the lilacs finally opening their buds.

As I was clicking away, look who decided to join me in appreciation of the lilac bush...........

All in all, a lazy day, and I guess it is just what I needed.
Jinx concurs.
I told ya' I lead an exciting life.


Candy Duell said...

Your pictures are wonderful all the time. But, I really like your Lilac bud. Happy Easter Hilary!

LA said...

I'm glad you took some "time off" today and just snapped those lovely pictures! Enjoy your day!

Nancy said...

A perfect day, I'd say. Happy Easter! I love the room divider. It's perfect for your work area.

Anonymous said...

Your life may not be exciting, but it is eventful and fun for the rest of us to read about.

I would almost kill to have that folding screen! And $10???? OMG. I need to go hit up some garage sales before the heat of summer hits us.

Happy Easter, Hilary.


Sharon said...

I think I'll leave "exciting life" to the young and energetic. Yours is much more to my taste, especially in that setting - wow! And who would have thought that would be such a great cat toy~

Hilary said...

How cool.. I love that screen/divider. Your photos are always such a treat of colours, textures and fun. And kitties.. the perfect touch!

ain't for city gals said...

Lazy days are the best ones...

KarenInTheWoods said...

Your Pink Room looks totally delightful and relaxing! Great place for an afternoon dream and planning your next project.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts