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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New York, New York

I have always been amazed at the response of people when I say I'm from New York. Especially the response of my English relatives.
New York!!!!!!!! OMG.

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But not in this New York.
Oh, no.
I get in the habit of saying "northeast N.Y.", and even then you have to clarify; no, not Buffalo, no not the Catskills.
The Adirondacks, my friend. The Adirondacks.
Where rednecks still live and breathe.
Oh, yeah.
Riding down rural roads, you'll see a burn barrel in every back yard, and a tire hanging from a tree.
But last weekend, I went to NEW YORK. The city. For a day trip. Four hours due south.
Just because.
My youngest daughter's boyfriend was the designated driver, for me, my friend Alice, my three daughters, and adopted daughter (youngest daughter's best friend).
We went a little bit of everywhere, and nowhere at all. You know what I mean, right?
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We did not eat at the Bistro Truck, even though I was enthralled. Yes, remember, I am easily amused.
At 2pm, we were in Chelsea Market, which is charming, but not as charming as its name.
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I did, however, find this little girl to be quite charming.....something about that green, polka dotted raincoat.
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We found a great flea market. Or two.
I am always amazed that in close quarters, when you bump into people, and apologize, there is never a reply. Just a look.
I still continue to say I am sorry. Just in case it will be well received one of these times.
I think I walked 10 miles, at least my feet thought so.
We ended our day in Little Italy, over some fantastic food. With fantastic company. It doesn't get any better.
Spending a day with family and friends. I am a lucky woman, and I know it.
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From Crazy as a Loom

Here I am with my dear friend, Alice. We are both exhausted, and ready to come home.
From Crazy as a Loom

Ah, yes, the city. Fun to visit. And I know some of you love to live there, but I gotta tell ya......this old country girl does not get it.
Give me the Adirondacks, any old day.


LA said...

Just click those heels and say, "There's no place like home...." I agree: I'm a country mouse at heart, too.

Anonymous said...

During the hey days of my 30's and 40's I would have loved to live in NYC. I did live in Phoenix, AZ for a long time, but there's just something about NYC that I feel I've missed out on.

Hey.. we have a tire swing in our backyard, and our neighbor has a burn barrel. I hate that stupid thing, the smoke always blows towards our house.. ick.

The Blue Ridge Gal
(sounds like a really fun trip, Hilary!)

Hilary said...

Well there's New York, and there's New Yawk. Love that last photo and that little darlin' in the polka dots.. great shot.

Marsel said...

Whenever someone asks me where I grew up, I *always* say 'upstate New York', lest someone think I am a city girl! :) Twenty-one years in NY, and I never visited NYC...I would like to someday, though. Your pictures are (as always) beautiful.

I love the Beatrix Potter line -- "one place suits one person, another place suits another person. For my part I prefer to live in the country..."

Unknown said...

I hear ya. For me it's Toronto, love the atmosphere, all the cool things to do, but live there? No thanks. Nice to vist, but my heart is in the country.


KarenInTheWoods said...

Looks like a fun adventure for a day... but get me back to the country too!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

JC said...

I'm actually planning on visiting NYC this Summer. First time for me.

Sharon said...

We have so much fun in NYC but we know it's just a visit, including the Chelsea Market along with a stroll on the Highline. Ian thinks he's killed if he can't visit the Grey Papaya - I watch, but I always find a knish. Gotta catch a play, get cheeses at the Fairway Market fromagerie, and also some subway intrigue plus people watching. Love the water towers! NYC is inimitable, but I'm always glad to open the gate and drive into our yard when we get home.

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Because every thread counts