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Saturday, November 1, 2008


When I started blogging, I intended to always talk about weaving, and what I was doing at the studio. But life happens, and I find myself thinking and regrouping about my direction. With an 83 year old mother who is not feeling her best, a husband with a broken ankle, a senior dog on a low fat diet, a part time job, and a full time vocation, I have had to close my eyes, and see it in a different way. Thus the photo at the top of the page.
At one time, the previous owners of my house decided they needed a washing machine. So they put it in the dining room, built a couple of walls around it, and put a door from the bathroom to get to it. When I arrived, the washer and the walls took leave, and I took back the dining room for looms. The bathroom was left with one door in from the kitchen, and an open doorway to the dining room. But first imagine that the bathroom is only big enough for one person to stand up is tiny.
We found a door to fit the open doorway, and hung it. But there was no door knob, so there is a hole in the door where the door knob should be. While in the bathroom the other day, I peered through the hole, and saw a current project on the loom. I went looking for the camera, and this is one of the photos I took.
It started me thinking about perspective, and how I view what is happening around me, and how really, that is everything. And then to that end, I started thinking about attitude, how one impacts on the other.
Sometimes it feels like I am looking through the hole in the door, and I see what I see, and nothing else. It seems OK, it seems right. But in my heart, I know there is more there, and I know that I have to make the effort, like walking out through the kitchen into the dining room to see what the rug on the loom REALLY looks like, and to appreciate it for all that it is, and not just what is visible through the hole in the door.
Life is like that sometimes. You think you know. You think you see it all. But lots of times, there is more
I hope I am making sense to someone besides myself.

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