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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weaving November

At long last, I will spend some time weaving to fill the shelves with rugs and place mats and table runners. Since I opened the studio 3 years ago, I have struggled to keep up with it, doing custom orders, and trying to build up stock. Still living two lives, my life here at the studio, and my life long career as a nurse, it has not been easy. But November 2008 is going to be a month spent weaving to this end. I am so excited. All these looms, and all this fabric. Where to start?
Well, first, I am weaving gumball rugs on the Union Custom.........2'x 3' rugs in every imaginable color. The fun part is that the loops are all chained and bagged and ready to weave, so I never really know what the rug will look like til it is done. It would be nice to have 20 of them stacked up, which of course means pics of all on my web site. (I need a web site manager, but I am positive that I would drive one nuts, so it is better if I do it myself.)
Then I may move over to the Union 36, and weave some place mats. Warp is on and ready....and I have hardly any place mats left. Believe it or not, they are actually more time consuming than rugs that are much bigger, just because of the stopping and starting. The warp is lavender and sage, so I guess I will make some in both those colors.
The Cambridge is warped with brown, tan, rust, and a little dark green. I am weaving rugs on it from upholstery selvedge, which I call Adirondack Lodge Rugs. I fill a plastic container with some different colors, and then I weave the rug from what is in it. I try not to go digging for colors. I usually find that if I weave what I collected the first time, that the rug turns out fine.
Today was a really productive day........I cleaned the studio, did some much needed organizing, cut some socks, took apart some rugs that weren't quite right, tied fringe on a couple of rugs, and then wove a couple more. I brought some blue jean strips home with me that need to be sewn together. Whew.

November is going to be so much fun.

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