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Monday, November 3, 2008

Gumball Rugs

Are these gumball rugs gorgeous, or what? I just never get sick of the vibrant colors. I love the socks they are made from, Sol Mate Socks, found at
But I think I like the rugs that I weave from the recycled sock seconds even better. They are truly unique. The fun part of weaving them is that I never know exactly what the rug will look like til it is done. The toe clips are chained, in boxes, and I reach in grab the end of the chain, and start winding them on the shuttle. Whatever is in the box, that's what the rug is made from. I don't try to manipulate the outcome at all.
Some of the rugs are made from the socks cut up into strips, looped together and interspersed with toe clips. Those are bright and colorful, but look more variegated. The rugs in the photo are made from just the toe clips, looped in doubles to make a thicker rug. I am amazed, but I like them better. The colors just seem brighter to me, and they are even more fun.

The hard part is keeping all the pieces parts separate. Boxes of sock seconds, boxes of toe clips, bags of the sock strips and toe clips chained, boxes of toe clips chained alone. The Union Custom warped for 36" rugs, and the Reed Ideal warped for 24" rugs. It is quite a production.
Today two of my three daughters came up to help me clean the studio. Christmas in the Country is this coming Friday , Saturday and Sunday. I have been weaving all month, and making an awful mess. We moved stuff, threw stuff out, and cleaned. The place looks awesome, I am very pleased. I couldn't have done it without them.
It is interesting to spend time with them. They gripe at me for my messes, and tell me that I knew what I was getting into when I asked them to help me clean. So I had to listen to their complaints. They are right most of the time. We worked hard and laughed alot. I love to have their input, they see things that I don't, and they help me get a perspective that I wouldn't have otherwise.
If my third daughter had been there, it would have been perfect.

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