Crazy as a Loom

Saturday, August 5, 2023


My trip to Urgent Care was not the end of my ankle injury.

It got worse and worse, until I finally had to admit that I had cellulitis.   A trip to my doctor and more antibiotic treatments,  a culture, and  more elevation and hot packs.
Finally, after about 10 days, it began to get better.  I was getting a little worried, to be honest.

My zinnias are doing ok, after being covered with a plastic fence until they were past the tender, delicious stage.

My decision to finally give up any attempt to do yard work, is beginning to make
me very happy.

The front of my house was all grown up, in fact, you couldn't even see the house from 
the road.  That may sound like. a good thing, but it looked like hell.

My teenage yard worker (with some help from his dad) has done an incredible job.

No more worry about the yard, and no more procrastination.  I am putting  money away every year for yard care.  Done deal.

Suddenly it's August.  Did you ever notice the change in the air this time of year.  
You can feel the autumn just around the corner.
As much as summer has to offer, I still love fall the best.

I took 60 items of clothing to the guild show last November, and I told myself then, that this year, I would only take 40.

But today, I counted, and I have 44 items of clothing already.

Maybe I'll start making more towels.

Today I did the unthinkable.  I took an 8 yard warp, already threaded, off the loom.
I hated it, and I could not in good conscience make myself weave it off.  It took me three hours to sley and thread and wind on that warp, and it took me 10 minutes to take it all off.

So now to thread a new warp.  I have to be crazy.

I took a break from weaving,  and made myself a new blouse.  I would change the 
neckline a bit on the next one, but I do like it.

The iron infusions have made a huge difference.  I am not napping every day.
I have energy to do things, and I feel like I just woke up.


I was talking to a friend today, about a trip long ago that we took, to a very rural area in northern New York, to get a loom.  We were both trying to remember the particulars, and I said. "oh, wait, I'll look in my blog"

And here it is:

It's true, any time I want to remember something that happened, or when it


I only have to look back in these pages, and for sure, it is there.

My daughters have even asked me about certain events, and the answers were right here, in my blog.

It's been like a diary of sorts, a chronological reporting of times in my life.

I  kind of wish I had started it years ago.


Rita said...

I'm glad your ankle is finally on the mend!
Sounds like a great idea to have someone to do the yardwork for you. Just makes sense. Save your energy for other fun stuff. ;)
You're not crazy to quit doing something you really don't like. Yes, make some more towels. I just LOVE mine! :)
I feel like my blog is a kind of journal--but with pictures! I have also used it to find events--lol!
Have a fantastic week! :)

Susan said...

I'm sorry to hear about the ankle and hope that it improves soon for you. My blog corrects me all the time.... funny how little details slip by you, but the blog sorts you out nicely.

My favourite seasons are fall and spring..... the others are too extreme for a delicate English rose like me.😊🌹

Joanne Noragon said...

I am reinstating blogs I inactivated a couple of years ago. In truth, I have a long way to go, but am plugging away. Now if mostly is a fun read as I put blogs back up, but in the end I now I will be grateful.
I'm through weaving towels and will give clothing another try. I don't know where to sell it, though.
The front of your house looks lovely, now. What inspiration, engaging an inspired teenager with a committed father.

Peg Cherre said...

Cellulitis - YUCK!! Glad you finally got the meds and treatment you need. And now you just need to be a good patient and follow the orders about rest and elevation.

I've cut dogs off the loom, too. The waste of yarn is minimal in terms of dollars. Time can't be recovered, though, so into the trash it goes!

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Because every thread counts