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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Surprise Visit.

Many years 20-25, I was on an online chat group, called Rug Talk.
I made friends, and I learned a lot about rug weaving.  Some of those friends are gone, and some are still around.

Several days ago, I got a message from one of them who lives in Wisconsn, she and her husband were touring the northeast in their RV, and would I like a visit?

 I've talked to "Karen in the Woods",  for all these years.  We shared info, we've sent things back and forth, we've admired each other's adventures from a distance.

When they got here yesterday, and she walked up on the porch, she looked exactly as I had imagined.  That doesn't always happen.  Even though you "know" someone on line, and you've seen photos of them, sometimes when you meet them in real life, it's a surprise, and not who you expected at all.
But Karen, other than being much taller than I thought, was a familiar, old friend giving me a big hug right away.

She and her husband Steve and I had a great visit, 

Needless to say, Willie liked them too.

I wish we lived closer, I can't imagine what we would get up to.  I
am pretty sure that we would have a blast, though.

I fell in love with their Winnebago's beautiful.
Unfortunately, I can't really imagine Willie and Naya liking it much at all.

Recently, I dumped Spectrum TV, to get my bill down.   These two helped me get a digital antenna hooked up, that I had given up on.  Now I get 21 channels that don't cost me a dime.
Happy dance here.

This past weekend, we had a family get together.  My three daughters continue to amaze me with their sweet selfs.

And these three........what can you even say about these three??????

Life happens, and today I can say that I am very grateful for mine.

What else is there, really?


Rita said...

What a wonderful surprise!! She looks like a warm and loving lady. And then seeing your girls and the grands, too! That is what life is all about...the people we love and care about. :)

Linda W said...

How fortunate you were to meet Karen in person!! I have followed Karen and her blog for years. We share the love of so many things--quilting, weaving and even knitting socks on an antique circular sock machine. Between Karen and Steve, they can accomplish almost anything--the perfect couple.

Sojourner Design said...

Oh I remember Karen in the Woods! She had a blog that I followed too, although I don't remember reading it after around the time that they sold their house to RV full time. Rug Talk was a great resource at the time.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Awww it was so much fun to finally meet face to face!!!! Your generous hospitality was so appreciated and we love your farmhouse!! Here is my blog post from the day too:

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts