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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Working onit

Some days I am disappointed, and some days lately I am aimless.  That's the best description.  I have a lot of thing to do, or things I could do, and can't get interested in any of them.  This is not usual for me, nor has it ever been, my entire life.  So when it does happen, I flounder a bit.

Yesterday, I was going to surprise my youngest, and get to see my grands, since they and I have been staying home, and are pretty safe.  Then I found out that my daughters were meeting and having their Dad for lunch, so I stayed home.  I could have gone, I am on good terms with him, we have been apart for 35 years or so.  That doesn't mean I want to spend the afternoon with him.  
So I decided to get over it, and get busy doing something, even if it was wrong.   I have an empty Louet David, my favorite little loom, so I finished winding a warp, then I sleyed the reed, threaded the heddles, and beamed it took all afternoon.  I just finished by dinner time, and soon it was ready to weave.

As I suspected, I got through the day fine, and set my sites on next weekend.
Empty looms disturb me, and have since I started weaving.
Dressing the loom takes concentration, and I am unable to worrry, or stress, or let any imagined problems go wild.  It's a good thing.

Lois is weaving pinwheels on the Baby Wolf.
It's fussy work, and she does it well.

I've been doing some knitting, and this is one of the owl hats I finished.  I was using buttons for the eyes, per the pattern, and they were really awful to sew on.   Then I had an aha moment, and tried SNAPS......they went on in no time.......( I did want to say "in a snap")....and they look better in my opinion.   If you zoom in, you might agree.

My AVL loom has been acting up, and I've been emailing AVL and talking to my neighbor who is brilliant about figuring out stuff.......and finally today I got it working.  I hope it lasts.

I've been trying to eat healthy.  Here's my garlic sesame tofu with soba noodles.  I ate it two nights in a 
row, it was so good.  The best comes together in no time.

I'm sure I am not alone in my efforts to get my husband to pick up after himself.  Even a little.  Even every now and then.  It's hopeless, let me tell you.
 So sometimes, I lose it.  Yes, I really do.

This has been on the counter for two days.
In my present state of mind, it may stay on the counter for the rest of the month.

OK, it's a childish response, but oh, does it make me feel better.   


claudia said...

I didn't even have to zoom in on the Owl Hat to see the cuteness of the snap eyes. I think this was a great alternative to buttons.
I have to laugh at Bill's onion. My daughter has been trying to get her partner to help out around the house to no avail. He gets right on it after being asked (and sometimes told) but then after a couple of days he is back to doing nothing. She's only asking him to take care of what messes he contributes to. I think he is just a lazy 30 year old child. (IMHO) What is a person to do?
I've been aimless on and off the last few weeks. I am trying to throw myself into organizing and cleaning my two sewing rooms. Fun times! Sometimes what I need in one room is in the other room and vise versa. I guess it's time to purchase a second of everything, but then both items would probably end up in the wrong room. Hey! It keeps me busy and exercising!
Hang in there Hilary! You are not alone!!!

Ellen D. said...

I do like the little snaps on the owl hat - so cute!
I am amazed at the beautiful weaving you do. That first one - I love the bright colors! Your daughter's weaving looks so interesting - don't know how she does it! You have lots of looms going at the same time.
Seems as if you keep plenty busy - not so aimless after all.

Deb said...

I do love to hear from you, Hilary. I love the way you write. You are a beautiful knitter and your loom work just amazes me. It must be such a relaxing hobby.
I'm sure you miss your family as I do mine. I was able to see my daughters at Christmas and then my son and family came for an outdoor visit on new years' day. It's all so weird though. I can't wait until life returns to normal if it actually does. Who knows.
My father was a neat freak. My husband is not. I prefer the neat freak, thank you.
But after all these years I'm more like you. I put up with it for a few days then I lose it.

Happy New Year, Hilary.xo

Joanne Noragon said...

How I wish I still had my little Louet 8 harness jack. Ah, well. We had many fine years together, and the woman to whom I sold it, when I retired, immediately named it Mr. Stringfellow. How not to love that. Tell Lois from me, beautiful work.

Snarled Yarns said...

Good to see I am not the only one in this mode, or is it mood? Also nice to know that when it comes to the messy partner, it's not me, or it's not Just me. I've never had a neat one. I wonder what it's like?

Keep weaving, it's sanity for all of us.

Kim said...

I appreciate your blog SO MUCH!!!

My sweet husband is great about putting things away. NOT so great about closing closet and cupboard doors. Whenever there are 2 or more left open in the kitchen, I open all the others. Ah, I see you are trying to tell me something, he says, and then closes them all.

You would think one would learn to close the doors, especially after banging one's head on said open doors. More than once. But, no.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts