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Sunday, January 10, 2021

For the record

I don't often get into the political scene here  on my's not my thing.  But for the record, I have to say this.
When the POTUS goes on camera, and says in all seriousness, to the crowd taking over the Capitol Building, "I love you.  You're special."...........well, that's seriously the most egregious and disgusting thing that I have ever heard.
I do not say this being uninformed.  I watch the news, I read the NY Times faithfully every morning.....I listen to the radio most days in the studio.  I DO know what is happening in politics.  I DO pay attention.
And in my 73 years here on this earth, I have never, ever experienced anything that has made me feel this sad, and disenfranchised, and angry.  
That being said, I have no idea why Joe Biden wouldn't rather retire on the beach somewhere.  He's walking into the worst mess........can I say "shit show" here??............on the planet.  I do not envy him the job that he has to do.  
I hope that he gets the vaccine out in massive quantities.........I hope that he restores to us the normalcy that we used to take for granted.

I know one thing.......I will not miss the craziness coming out of the White House.  I will not miss his face, his lies, his total lack of caring.   I hate all of this, as so many of you do.   The pandemic has torn all our lives apart, and it didn't have to, it could have been handled so differently from the beginning.  As a nurse for 30 years, I am pretty positive that had we known about this virus when HE knew, we would be in a very different place right now.  You may ask yourself how one man can impact so MANY lives.   Well, google Adolf Hitler, and  see how easily it can happen.

I have tried, very hard for some time to "self soothe".......doing things that make me happy......attempting to take myself far from all that is going on.  It doesn't always work.  Sometimes it does.

On the subject of my knee....well, it is not good news.  The pain level is increasing...on the inside of my knee, where the meniscus I don't know if it has torn again, or it's just not healing.   Advil/Tylenol.....nothing......helps anymore.  I am still not walking the dogs, thank God for L and friends.
I see ortho this week.....I'm sure they will want to do another MRI.....$$$$$$$.......and go from there.

I want to be able to's one of the things in my life I am not ready to give up.
It's funny, because back in October, I was worried about a total knee replacement, which they said I don't need.  But if I had gotten a new knee back then, I would probably be much better by now.  Ironic.

Life has a way of changing, and taking away stuff, whether you are ready or not.  I hope that is not the case now.  It seems like 2020 is seeping on over to 2021.........we are all ready for something better.

I audibly sigh here, because it's hard to see it right now.

Driving to the store today, I remembered my friend, Gayle.  She died last summer, and I miss her still.
Every now and then I reach for my phone, thinking of something I want to tell her.  Today I was thinking about how when we were 13, we discovered that we could send each other messages in the dark, with flashlights in the windows. We didn't know Morse code, so not sure how we thought we were going to manage that.
She lived quite a ways away, but there was a clear shot from her house to mine, over the fields.   It's gone now, people have built houses.  It's like so many things that are just so different.

I have to remind myself that today is all we have.......just today.   We can make it better, any way we can.
Or not.

Back to my tea, and my book.  I'm trying.


Joanne Noragon said...

Dammit, Hilary. I am so sorry about your knee. So sorry. I hope the doctors can make it right. As for the incoming president, I have faith in the people he will have around him. I don't know terrorism, but they do, and will handle 45 and his remaining team.

Corny said...

Love reading your blog!

Jacquie said...

I am so pleased to see you back on Blogger as your posts come up on my daily digest from them - I missed you while you were over on your website as I never remembered to visit with you there.

I've been trying say "Welcome back" since you arrived but Chrome won't connect to Blogger. Today I googled you and can comment that way. I have signed up (again) and it said welcome back, but as I never unsubscribed I don't know why I don't get direct posts about your posts.

I just want to say that most of us in the UK have similar feelings about the current POTUS and I agree that I don't envy the President Elect his enormous 'challenge', he is a very brave man. At least we might be able to feel a little safer. I have a horrible feeling it is going to take many years for Trump's influence and bitterness to fade, if ever in our lifetimes. To follow your own analogy, Naziism still rears its ugly head at intervals in Europe....

From one beleaguered nation to another and from one weaver to another, I wish you all the best.

Sojourner Design said...

I too am now receiving your posts regularly now that you're back at Blogger. I just want to say that what you're weaving in that photo is just wonderful!

P2P said...

the knee-- something is wrong, because you shouldn't have pain. I hope you find the fix soon. as for tRump, Im with you 100%. Will be so glad when he is GONE. As well as the rest of his crime mob family.

Shepherdess55 said...

I'm sorry to read that your knee isn't improving. Hopefully the orthopedic surgeon will reconsider a knee replacement. Friends of mine that have had one or both knees replaced have all said they wished they'd done it sooner. Regarding the state of affairs of our federal government, you've put my thoughts and feelings into words more eloquently than I could.

Rita said...

First of all, whatever you are weaving that is so colorful--I love it!

I totally agree with you on how you felt listening to that man...watching an attempted coup...hearing people want to kill people in our government...ransacking our capitol...people dying and being injured. Still processing it. And they are talking about a more violent repeat performance on inauguration day. I have fallen down the news rabbit hole until the 20th, I think. I try to make myself go do art or watch a movie or something every day. Something relaxing or creative really helps.

I hope things go well with your knee--one way or the other. Not a time anyone wants to have surgery, for sure. Not that having surgery is something to look forward to at any time--LOL!

My BFF/soul sister passed several years ago now and I still think of things I want to tell her or ask her or laugh with her about. Good memories, though. She always brings good memories.

Hang in there. *hugs*

claudia said...

I cannot agree with you more on the political front.

I am so sorry that your knee is giving you non relievable pain. No one should have to deal with that. I think you have dealt with enough pain in your life! Hopefully, you can get the relief you deserve soon.

Love your weaving. It's so colorful and pleasing. I am doing a lot more quilting lately due to COVID and the political B.S. I have to keep my mind busy (as does everyone else) to try to stay as level as possible.

Good luck to you with the knee. Stay healthy and safe!

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Because every thread counts