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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

No surprises.

I've been listening to the arguments in the HOUSE regarding impeachment of YOU KNOW WHO, and to be honest, none of the insipid, pandering support of those same Congressmen who have been on his side for the last four years, surprises me one bit.  I had to turn it off.  My head was about to explode.
I doubt that the results will be a shock to anyone.
Now I'm on the sofa, with a roaring fire, two sleeping dogs, and a cuppa tea.  So there.

On the other hand, I went to ortho today about my knee.  

Seems removing part of my meniscus, caused the already narrow space in my knee joint to get rather "bone on bone".  Basically, my knee is on fire, in lay terms.   They did surgery on a knee that was already a train wreck.  I knew that.   I don't blame them.

So now, I do need a total knee replacement......and yes, that little voice in my head says why didn't we just do that in the first place?

Well, there's Covid, so they can't do it now, and they prefer not to do it too soon.  So I got a steroid shot in my knee, and in the weeks to come, we can try the "viscous" injection, all in the attempt to put this surgery off until some normalcy prevails.   Am I surprised?  Not at all.  I knew from the level of pain, that it was not good.

Truth is, I wrecked my knees when, in my forties, I decided I wanted to be a runner.   And run I did, 3-5 times a week, 3-5 miles every time.  I kept a calendar.  You're not surprised???  Oh, yeah, I kept track of the miles like weaving yardage off a loom, like pretty much everything I have ever done in my life....full board.  My knees, unfortunately, took the brunt of it.
At the time, I was married to an emotionally abusive alcoholic, and that's how I coped.
I remember one day, with half a load on, he commented as I jogged down the driveway, that I had the calves of  Russian weightlifter.   For a moment, I was hurt, and then..............I smiled.
It  actually made me run more.

I've been following a blogger in Wales, who is big on minimalism.  I got interested in the 30 day challenge that she is doing.  I wanted to find someone to do it with me, on a bet, so to speak.  I'm not having any luck.

But I think I'm going to start it February 1st, with or without another person to compete against.
I think it will be good for me.

I have places like this..........with drawers full of MINUTIAE.......

I am sure it will be difficult towards the end......but I still think it is doable.

The doctor said I can start walking, apparently it is too late to worry about doing any there's that.
Even though I am enjoying playing with all the color I've got going on the AVL, I still miss getting out with L and the dogs every day.  I'm going to work my way back into it, and pray I get some relief from the steroid injection.   

Oh, and by the way......since I have dumped my aggravating, time sucking web site, I have put my towels on FB, and they are available at the top of the page, here, under the tab  AVAILABLE TOWELS.  I will add them as they come off the loom.

I read something the other day, about finding meaning in our lives.   The upshot of it was, there really isn't any.   All there really is, says the writer, is what we do every day, no matter how menial or insignificant it seems.  It's about the structure and the integrity of our days.

There's something very freeing about that, and something that stops me in my tracks.  I may have spent way too much time trying to figure out what the meaning of my life was, when maybe, it's just as simple as having a cuppa tea while talking to you all.
Who knew?


Twylla Alexander said...

I'm glad you're back on Blogger. It's so much easier for me to follow you! And I don't want to miss a single posting – honestly!
A cup of tea sounds like just the thing. :-)

Joanne Noragon said...

Darn, Hilary. I no longer have 1500 things to give away. I've done it already--twice.

farmer's wife weaving said...

I will be your huckleberry! February 1st sounds like a good day to start. If you are willing to play with me let me know.

Karen said...

As for the meaning - I think you hit the nail squarely on the head. It's those little things that bring great joy and meaning to a life, if only we remember to pause and notice them.

Rita said...

I wouldn't last long on that contest.
I hope your knee will serve you okay until the covid crisis has abated to a good degree.
Have a peaceful weekend. :)

Sojourner Design said...

Hilary, I just came upon this and thought of you:


Unknown said...

Glad to see you are still blogging. My husband, before his meniscus surgery, had the viscous injections. They worked - until he started running again. Something I think you are done with. Can't stop the man from running, it's his passion.

We purchased our dream retirement home way out in the country last year with the plan on moving this year. After 30 years and 4 kids in this house it's taken me all year to downsize.

Our son and his young family have moved into the "new" house due to covid unemployment . Luckily it was built in a way to use as a two family. My DH and I will be living in three rooms! Yikes. Luckily one of the rooms was planned as my studio. I didn't mind selling off all my furniture etc but like most crafters, the most stuff I have is craft stuff as a spinner, knitter, weaver. I do need to sell some off so I may be with you partially. Nancy said...

Hi Hilary, the decluttering is from the Minimalists and it's a 30 day challenge where day 1 is 1 thing, day 2 is 2 things and so on. I have done 2x and always surprised to find stuff to toss. Yes, even old magazines or cords or whatever. Best to you in trying this.

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Because every thread counts