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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Counting my blessings, again

This was purchased by my cousin, John, years ago.  He died of Alzheimer’s awhile back, and his wife, my cousin Joan, gave this to me,

I love it so much, and love that I have something of his.

So I put it in my dining room, but it was squished into the table, which annoyed me, until I had the bright idea, to turn the table around.

Duh. So simple.

And perfect.

I really am turning into my mother.  It is evident as I get older, that I do things she did, I like things she liked.

I totally am addicted to notebooks, and pens,

I bought this one yesterday at the show I was doing. 

The local library was selling them as a fundraiser.

The binding was removed, blank sheets were inserted, and the spiral binding put on.

The complete story was left inside.

They had many to choose from.  I was torn:  this one, or The Little Red Hen, or Moby Dick.

Up in my attic, I have totes of notebooks my mother used as diaries, dream journals, and more.

See what I mean?

Our show yesterday was in Peru, Vt.  I have never done a show as well attended as this one.

There were so many great vendors, with so much talent.  And the food was to die for, I wanted all of it!


Lois and my friend Linda, who is visiting from Georgia, helped me all day.

I could not ask for better friends. I am so blessed.

It was a good day, and Crazy as a Loom was very successful!

I love my old house.

I have an amazing family, and friends.

I love what I do.

Twenty two hot air balloons over Kingsbury.

Off to walk my sweet girl Naya.

Birthday party for a special 5 year old today.

Counting my blessings on this chilly fall morning.


Peg Cherre said...

SOOOO glad you had a good show! It's a real challenge to do all the work required for a show, and take all the time, if they're not well attended.

Sending you another email about a visit.

DJan said...

It's really a wonderful thing when we get a chance to count our blessings. Yours are abundant. And congratulations on that show having done so well. :-)

A Smaller Life said...

What an absolutely perfect piece of furniture, and it fits into it's new home so well. Congratulations on a good show, I used to love coming home after a good days selling. said...

That is a lovely antique. I agree we must count our blessings every day. Not just for the bigger things but the small and ordinary. We are fortunate to be alive and well.

justjill said...

I must do more of that counting!

Joanne Noragon said...

What a lovely venue and a pretty show. I cannot believe our paths never crossed.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Such a beautiful piece of furniture, filled with memories and love.
Your home is so very cozy and inviting, I love seeing pictures of it.
Looks like a lovely show, and spending the day with a dear friend, priceless.

Rita said...

Lurker popping in--LOL! I love your old house, too. Glad you had such a successful show. (Not really a surprise as your items are so beautiful.) Enjoy your walk and the birthday party. :)

Karen said...

Your home always looks so warm and inviting and loved. the new piece is a treasure! Enjoy this beautiful fall weather - AMEN!

518frenchgirl said...

Hi there, so glad you did well at the Vt. Show, kinda makes all the work worth it. Your place looks great, so cozy with all the sitting areas. Love the notebook too. Take Care Hilary :)

Bovey Belle said...

I just love that cupboard (? not sure really what to call it, but SUCH a good combination of useful bits!) and how lovely to have something that your cousin treasured, and now you only have to look at it to think of him. I like the look of your house - it has a lovely atmosphere, even through the medium of a photograph.

So glad that the Fair at Peru went well for you, and you had a dear friend to share it with. It looks a lovely setting (and great that the food on offer was so tempting and good too.)

We had probably the last "Wee Flea" of the season at Hay-on-Wye today. Not very busy, but met some lovely people including an American from Connecticut on a two week tour of Britain. Like you, I love my job!

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Because every thread counts