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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Busy, busy

Yesterday was a busy day.

Good friend and fellow weaver stopped by with her toddler granddaughter.  We always can talk it up about weaving, sewing, and life in general.  I also have a kid friendly house with baskets of  toys. Naya is lovely with all children, so there’s never any worry about what she is doing.

Then two other ladies dropped in for a visit. Another weaver, that I have known for quite awhile, was looking for some supplies. We had a nice visit. 

So the studio was hopping for awhile. That’s always fun.  I love that people just feel comfortable dropping in.  That’s exactly the way I like it.

Eventually, I got back to the loom and got it threaded, and sleyed.  I was in no hurry.

It’s lace weight wool, I think it’s going to be pretty.

Today I’m going to be packing up for the show we are doing on Saturday.  It’s in Peru, Vt.

This is my new Möbi jacket, modeled by my dear friend Alice, when she stopped by the other day.

This little girl just turned five.  How is that possible?  She just started kindergarten, and she loves it.

We knew she would.  But it’s the end of something, she’s not home with Momma every day any more.

It will be harder to see her during the week.

Life just marches on.

I am convinced that the only way to live life is one day at a time.  As always, staying in THIS day seems more doable, taking each thing, good or bad, as it comes.

I watched a little video last short, the premise was this:  life is wonderful and amazing but also life is tough, sometimes it is horrible, but when it gets horrible, you find out that when you meet it head on, you are tougher than you knew.

You can handle it. 

Life is tough.   You are tougher.


justjill said...

I needed that being said right now.

Joanne Noragon said...

I said that to myself today as I struggled with doors and a walker.

Deb said...

Your friend Alice looks gorgeous in your jacket.
I will remember your closing words when I need them.
Did I mention I love your blog? :)

Theresa said...

5 already?!! Geez.

World of Animals, Inc. said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. We hope you are enjoying a great start to your weekend. We love the Möbi jacket that you made. The colors are really beautiful. We think if you take one day at a time, then you can really enjoy the moment you are having now. Have a great weekend.
World of Animals

Daryl said...

she's five? yikes ..where has the time gone ...

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Because every thread counts