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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Monsoon weather

I have been in a downsizing mood lately.  Maybe it’s the heat and humidity, maybe it’s the headache, but for whatever reason I am cleaning house.

I have been rearranging retail areas, while so many things remain packed for shows.

I emptied and yanked out a small hutch that always drives me mad, because it is crowded 

Into a corner at the end of the table, and you can never walk around the table, or get anything out of the hutch.

So it is currently residing on the porch and then it is leaving. Not sure where yet.

But the corner at the right of the table looks lovely and uncluttered.  It makes me happy.

I am also pleased with my “ Czech cooker” aka Remoska, which bakes up lovely things without heating the whole kitchen up.  These potatoes were easy and so good.

We are weaving dish towels, in between shows.


No two are ever the same.

Making some Shrugs.....they seem to sell well, and I like making them.

So today we had a show about an hour and a half straight north. Lois had a wedding, so daughter #1 went with me.

It started out with us taking a wrong turn, since DH’s truck has no GPS.  So we were a bit rushed to set up in time.  Then we found out that even though I paid for TWO spaces, we only had one.

There wasn’t time, nor did I have the energy, to deal with that.  So we lived with it.

The rest of the morning was hot, very, very hot.  We were sweating.

Business was slow.  The people walking around seemed less than enthused to be out in the heat.

Around noon time, I got the jagged light in my eye, my “ aura” for a migraine, on top of the daily headache that I always have.

Can I just say here, FML?

Ok, after a med, and sitting very still for awhile, it started to rain, lightly but rain nonetheless. 

So we pulled everything into the center of the tent.

It stopped, so we put everything back where it was.

Fifteen minutes, it started again.


Then it stopped.

Repeat. started to seriously rain. We really began to move things in, but the rain started coming sideways, so we started packing things in totes to keep them dry.

Then I realized that the clothes were starting to get wet.

I said:  enough.  We packed the truck. 

By the time we got all the product packed, and took the tent down and put all the display racks in the truck, it was like a monsoon.

We were both drenched.  Our clothes could have been wrung out.

We got in the truck.....the windows were down, btw, and we just started laughing.  I’m sure we looked pretty crazy.

It was 2pm when we drove away.  It was still pouring, all the customers were gone, some other vendors were wildly packing up, and we had a long drive home.

I felt bad that my daughter took one of her days off to do this with me, and it sucked so badly.

But she had a good attitude, she said it was our “ bonding” time.

We stopped for a beer and a sandwich, as we were both starving.  It was the best part of this long day.

I’m making a list know the one......of things you don’t do anymore........maybe shows in HOT weather will show up there.


Back Porch Writer said...

Some days are like that! lol The bonding time (and the beer) was a great I know. I miss my daughter. She is in Texas with her hubby living on a ranch and about to be teaching 1st grade when school starts.

Connie said...

Momma said there would be days like this, there will be days like this, my Momma said . . . remember that song? The good part about this day is that it is over and you will both look back at it and have a good laugh and a memory of your bonding day in the heat and rain :)
Happy Sunday!
Connie :)

DJan said...

Well, after all that the beer sure looks good from here. I see Daughter likes in dark like I do. And yeah, Momma said there would be days like this. :-)

Peg Cherre said...

You just never know what outdoor shows will bring...the weather is always impactful, no matter what. At least that's my opinion. Glad your daughter could be there with you - I often work shows alone and don't really mind, but when you have to move in a hurry, it sure is nice to have an extra set of hands!

Daryl said...

i love that hutch if i had room (and a way to get it) i would make you an offer .. sadly i have no room .. nyc apartments arent very big

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Because every thread counts