Crazy as a Loom

Sunday, July 29, 2018


I know you’ve heard me say it before.  But it bears repeating.

Gratitude IS the attitude. 

I got up this morning being so glad I didn’t have to go anywhere. I buzzed around, picking up the kitchen, when I noticed how grungy my silverware drawer looked.

Sure, I’ve noticed it before today, but today was the day. I emptied it, cleaned it, and threw  out half the stuff.

It felt great.

Then Naya and I walked 4 miles.  My body is desperately trying to hold on to this last 10 lbs, and I am just as adamant that it’s going.

Then I came in and cleaned the inside porch.

It was on my list of annoying things.

But on my walk, I was thinking about how I’ve been whining about the heat.  I do dislike it, truth.

But then I started listing the things I actually like about summer, the things I’ll miss when it’s over.

I’ll miss my day lilies.  They really are stunning.

I’ll miss lightning bugs, watching them at night from my bedroom window.

I’ll miss cucumbers straight from the garden, and oh, the the tomatoes.

I’ll miss fresh corn on the cob.

I love all the night sounds, when the nights are cool enough to leave the windows open.

I’ll miss the sounds of birds that fill the trees around this old house.

And cold, fresh melons.

I love sitting on my screen porch listening to the wind chimes on a breezy summer day.

It’s not all bad, and I’m trying to be grateful for the things I do like about it.  There are quite a few more than I realized.

Bales of hay in the field.

Eating Mexican on a table on the sidewalk downtown.

Zinnias, globe thistles, hydrangeas.

A bevy of very loud motorcycles just went by.

NOT on my list.

But soon fall will be here, and as much as I love fall, it won’t be here long enough.

Thank goodness, there’s a Loom for that.


justjill said...

You are so right. We should be looking always for the positives. Thanks for the nudge in that direction. i so have to stop myself nowadays for being negative. x

Shammickite said...

I love summer. I just don't love the combination of heat and high humidity. I love putting my feet up under the deck umbrella and reading a good book. I love a cold beer now and then. I love going to baseball games and watching the grandies get excited about hitting a home run.

deodar said...

I hear you, after a less than stellar year I decided I had to decide to look at the bright side. Every morning when I walk the dogs I start out by listing my blessings and what I'm grateful for. Sometimes it's the same list over and over but it does seem to be a good attitude adjustment tool.

Alsan said...

I am always grateful when I get to read your newest blog posting! Thank you for being upbeat even when things are not going well.
Question? What is taped to your beater bar? and Why?
I have only a few more inches to thread on one of my looms and I get to go to work today. (positive) We are taking down a lovely show at our local art gallery. Then we get to prep the walls for the next one. I love my volunteer job. My bff and I have been doing it together for 35 years and that makes it a double whammy good day!

DJan said...

I love the wonderful optimism in today's post. And I have to say I just learned about the joy of a cucumber grown in your own garden, peeled and sliced and cold from the fridge. After five years of gardening, I accidentally planted one and believe me, there will be more next year. I love summer, but I am not a hot weather person at all. Sending you and Naya lots of internet love. :-)

Peg Cherre said...

Your posts are always a pleasure to read, and the photos only add to the enjoyment. Thanks for another great one.

Daryl said...

the only thing about summer i wont miss is the humidity

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Because every thread counts