Crazy as a Loom

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Do you need some help with your vacuuming????

Or maybe  you just need a ballerina in a paper dress????
To cheer you up???

My son in law's sister is the talent behind the dress.  She never fails to amaze me with her artistry.

Yes, we have snow in the northeast.
Lots of it.

And of course it's beautiful.  But it does get old.

I have tried to quiet my bitching   complaining, and I practiced gratitude for having lights, heat, and all the comforts of electricity.

The girls don't like it either.

The one good thing about this kind of weather......we are getting all kinds of weaving done.

Naya is always trying to get under the loom, but the box that has the e-lift pedal on it, is always in her way.
The other day I moved it, so I could get close enough to thread.

She took the opportunity to get where she has always wanted to be.

And when I started to weave again, she still got as close as she could get.

My little loom dog.

Mostly this is soup weather, but some days, we have to pump up the salad.

Just finished two new möbius shawls.

This one is navy ring spun cotton warp, and 100% rose weft.

This next one is me being a little silly.....I just couldn't resist the ribbon.

Silk, soybean, and rayon novelty.

This is the clothes rack at far 30 items........I want 50.

We'd better get weaving, eh???

Spring, spring, where are you????

Not here, says the northeast.

In fact, it's still snowing.


Angela Tucker said...

I live in central California, so no snow. But, your yard is absolutely stunning! I don't care to hang out in snow, but it is so beautiful to look at. LOL And those birds! Cardinals are my favorite. I am jealous. SMILE

Your wraps are so very, very pretty. I think the one with ribbons is very sweet and fun. I can imagine wearing it in the Spring, picnicking in a meadow...

Does your vacuum operator rent out his services? LOL I don't like to vacuum.

Have a wonderful weekend.

LA said...

You sure got some white stuff!!!! Just a few flurries here in East TN....and that's fine with me! Lots of lovely weaving in your studio!

Anonymous said...

Please send the vacuum operator over, my weaving studio could use her services. Love the ballerina tutu and the lovely dancer wearing it.

Naya is doing a fantastic job motivating you to weave, good girl Naya!

Shirley said...

Such beautiful wraps and weaving! I love everything you and Lois make. The salad looks delicious. The photo of Naya under the loom is so sweet. She has definitely chosen you as her person. So glad she is thriving in her new home and you are enjoying her company. I hope spring weather will arrive for you soon.

MarthaVA said...

It is always nice to have help with housework!
The paper dress is amazing - of course, so is the ballerina!

Love your pup - I mean, she couldn't get any closer.....unless you let her on your bench with you. :-)

That's a LOTTA snow - I could see dealing with that snow in Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb. March, not so much.

Love the weaving - the ribbons are really great - I think doing a bit "different" is a good thing.


Mary Ann said...

You're weaving is just phenomenal. And we are in NW PA, I feel your snow-pain!

jorjorbeth said...

Love your pup - I mean, she couldn't get any closer.....unless you let her on your bench with you. :-)ทางเข้า D2BET

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Because every thread counts