Crazy as a Loom

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Stay with me.

I was blessed this week, with visits from two of my three daughters.

On Monday I took my first daughter shopping for her birthday, then to lunch.

Then on Tuesday, my third daughter came to visit with the munchkins.

I have been advised that she does not need any more toys, so I buy her craft things, to do when she comes.
So it doesn't take her long to drag out her "craft box", and get busy.

This was right after she went out to "pick up a chicken", which is also one of her fave things to do at Mimi's house.

She had my phone for  a few minutes.......I have 20 shots like this one.  Naya was a very patient subject.

Someone was very happy to get to the play table.

When they left at the end of the day, we took separate cars and met at the Gap outlet.

The girl needed some new dresses.

They sent me this photo when they got home.......she's wearing  one of her new dresses, and he is mopping the floor.
Vacuuming, mopping.
What can't that boy do.

Karen of This old house sent me this picture the other day.  I had to google "jackfruit".
I am enthralled.
I definitely have to try this, and several other recipes on Pinterest for jackfruit.

Another handy little idea.....Egglettes.

You can buy them at Target, Walmart, Amazon.
They are a way to boil eggs without having to peel them.
If you have your own chickens, you know how hard sometimes it is to peel fresh eggs.

I have to give a plug to one of my favorite kitchen items.......the Whirley Pop.

It's a fast, easy, healthy way to have hot popcorn in about 3 minutes flat.

Without the MICROWAVE.   ugh.

I've been dyeing the many natural skeins I have hanging around the studio.

Cotton, tencel, bamboo...... stocking my shelves.
Over the summer, I will try to have stuff dyed for the winter.
I can dye when it's cold, but it's not as easy.  The inside porch where I do my dyeing is not heated.

Sorry if this is a mish mash of stuff,  but this is my crazy life.

I'm busy.

Lois and I have this warping thing down to a science.   We put this 30 yards on, then we went to my neighbor's house.....she's  a friend, that I taught to weave.  We put a warp on her rug loom, too.

Sometimes, when I don't know what I want for dinner.......(DH is cooking MEAT)

I do a little creative cooking.

This is mushrooms, spinach, red onions, red cabbage, sun dried tomatoes.   I also added Cannellini beans.

With a very little bit of pasta, and a splash of parmesan, it was delish.

This is what Lois is up to, when she's not helping me warp.

I have to vent a bit here.   Today I ran into an old friend.   Well, we are not friends any longer.  But we used to be.
I thought we were the best of friends.  For 15 years.

Then last August, I apparently said something that annoyed her, and suddenly our friendship was over.
So today, on my way to get my lab drawn, I ran into her, coming out of the doctor's office.

We were both surprised............she quickly said, "Hi, how are you?" as she flew by and ran to her car.

I said, "fine, how are you?"  but I wasn't fine at all.

So all day, I've felt like this tree root.  Yes.  A tree root.  Bound up with rocks so tightly, probably why the wind blew it over.  It couldn't breathe.

So I'm venting.
I wanted to text/message/email her all day, I wanted to very badly.  I wanted to say, "Really??  Friends for all those years, and that's the best you could do?"

I practiced incredible restraint, and did not.

And all day, I asked myself, why was I so hurt????

Did I have expectations???   I don't think so.   I have not expected to hear from her, since we last spoke 7 moths ago.

But for my life, I cannot wrap my brain around how someone can be so close to you for all that time, share so much of life, and then just nothing. Done.
I guess it wouldn't have felt so bad today, if she'd actually stopped, looked me in the eye, and said, "How are you?"
But she acted like I was someone she didn't really know at all.
I guess that was the hurtful part.

I think that the real rub comes from thinking you know someone, thinking that you can trust them with your thoughts, and your feelings, and then finding out that maybe you were wrong.
Dead wrong.

Well, thanks for listening.
Sometimes, it just helps to say what's stuck in your head.

And then it's time to move on.

Reminding myself of that old maxim from the Big Book.

Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.


DJan said...

What a wonderful post. I laughed out loud at the adorable children. And then I got to the part about your one-time friend. The same thing happened to me with someone I'd known forever. I tried everything, including sending her cards and asking to let us start over. Nope. And it still hurts more than twenty years later. I called her a couple of years ago and she was polite but that was all. I've let it go, but now you've gone a stirred up that wondering again. I guess I'll never know why. That last picture of Naya snuggled up against your legs was all I needed to make myself feel better. Thank you, dear Hilary. :-)

deodar said...

Something I learned from another chicken keeper: Take room temp. eggs and steam them for 20 minutes, then dump them into an ice bath. Even fresh (like from today) eggs peel easier. Yep, sometimes you just have to let people go even if it's painful. I just turned 65, just lost my husband and decided I don't have time for dwelling on things or people any more. Life is short, eat the darn cookies!

Shammickite said...

The grandies are gorgeous! I understand how you feel about your friend/former friend. I'm going through the same thing, after being told by a friend that I should go and have coffee with some of my other friends, she is far too busy right now. Oh well......

Theresa said...

Oh my the grands they grow so quick! What happy faces, including the furry one. The veggie saute sounds yummy. I can hardly wait for the fresh local produce to start in earnest at the growers markets. Berry season can't come fast enough!
I'm sorry about your friend. It's hard to know what goes on in some else's head. Treasure those that are still in your life and do a spot be gone on those that add nothing to it.

Simply Quaint said...

I just love the pictures of your grands, my granddaughter who will be 3 comes to my house and always has to clean my floors lol...and I too buy crafts more than toys she has tons of toys but us women never have too many crafts.😀 I needed to comment as well about the friendship post, this has just happened to me as well, 3 yr friendship, thought it was for a life time, just 3 months ago she stopped everything, I mean everything, crafting, communicating with me....we did shows together, went thrifting, hung out and created all day.....then she says she had a melt down, depression, etc...I’ve sent cards, text, emails etc...she facebooks with other people etc but nothing with me, I have seriously no idea what has happened, I’ve questioned her she did say she needs time, she can’t be here for me...what the h—-....I just told my husband that’s it, I’m done, life is too short, I’m 53, she is 60....this is not high school.....I agree, move on, their desert first.....have a wonderful day......


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I had a breakup with someone I thought was my dearest friend and would be for the rest of my life. We made amends and I thought we would once again spend some time together, although not the same as before. She makes no effort and is simply not interested in my life. So I have decided it's not worth the hurt and effort of trying to make it something it just will never be. We are friendly but not friends. I don't understand but people change....that much I know.

That little Dale is much like her Mimi, I think.

lou said...

Yep, been there done that with a friend! Hurts and hard to figure out. Sad. But life does go on, doesn't it?!

Connie in Hartwood said...

Naya is such a sweetie! She looks very happy with you ... and you with her.

Christine said...

Love those pictures of your grandbabies. I'm vacationing in Mexico right now looking forward to visiting a weaver here, Ino, who weaves Zapotec rugs. He is from Oaxaca but lives here in Zihautanejo. While I'm doing this, my grandbabies are back home snowboarding.
I have to tell you that your "friend" acts like she has a guilty conscience. I had a friend like that and she really did something underhanded and sneaky and I was hurt for years before I finally made the decision to not let her or her actions bother me one more day. I made it her problem, not mine. You are such a kind and gentle soul. Just look at Naya's face - she says that in every picture.

Twylla Alexander said...

There's so much wisdom, honesty and joy in your posts. I especially like this: "So all day, I've felt like this tree root. Yes. A tree root. Bound up with rocks so tightly, probably why the wind blew it over. It couldn't breathe." I guess at times at this, all we CAN do is remember to breathe. Thanks!

Daryl said...

i totally understand how you felt having broken up with an old friend recently .. i admire your restraint i would like to think i might have done the same and not pushed but damn its hurtful

Karen said...

Well.. odds are, she still knows how to find your blog and checks in now and then. Usually when someone treats you pretty lousy, they're still curious how it affected you, even if they seem disinterested. What a shame to have spent all those years enjoying a good relationship with a genuine soul, but whatever the issues are? They aren't your baggage to carry. They're hers. Let go or be dragged.

Love the pics of Naya and your grandchildren.. they are just precious. I'm thinking Dale takes after her Mimi.

Deb Lervaag said...

I have warping questions, your method does not look familiar to me at all.:( I warp with a paddle and think I am doing great with 9 EPI but it looks like you warp with many more threads, what are you doing there? Deb Lervaag

Deb Lervaag said...

By the way...Iam totally impressed and envious. Deb said...

It was lovely for you to share pics of your gorgeous grandkids having fun and I have to say that veggie meal looks delicious. As for your 'friend', I know from experience how frustrating it is not knowing why she's behaving the way she is, but you'll probably never find out, so focus on all the good in your life and forget her.

Friko said...

What a long, colourful post, so pretty and joyous; and then you left the sad bit for last. Of course, having the kids was a pleasure, doing the things you are passionate about was also a pleasure, meeting your exfriend cannot possibly have been. I am sorry.
There’s nothing you can do. Perhaps one day you can ask her why she acted so strangely, but leave it for now. We can outgrow friendships, there needn’t even be a reason. Try not to feel so hurt.

MarthaVA said...

Oh, I can totally relate to your "friend" dilemma. I have a cousin who is 9 years older than I. We've talking online monthly for years. Last year, we took a trip to Maine. They also traveled to Maine via plane. We were there in our RV, and we were having issues with it. We had to leave even though we were supposed to stay at another cousin's house till the visiting cousin arrived. We just couldn't do it with the issues we were having with the van. Well, she hasn't spoken to me since. She was "insulted." Well, gee whiz, I'm just so sorry my life didn't fit into yours at the moment. GROW UP! Sheesh.

I will NOT beg to be in her life. If she wants me there, she can come find me. It hurts, but ya know what? I don't let it bother me because it was HER decision to react that way. I'm fine either way.

Hang in there. (((hugs)))

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