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Thursday, June 22, 2017


I just realized that it's been weeks since I have posted.   I miss the feeling that I get when I am posting more often, that feeling that you are paying attention to your day to day life.
Lately, it just seems to be whizzing by.

So maybe I need to get motivated, and post more often.

I am plagued this year with plantar fasciitis.....oh, well, since last year actually.  I've had it for months....I've tried everything, and I am about at the end of my rope.
But I keep plugging on, doing what I can.
Shades of getting older, losing scope, I fear.

On my quest to make everyone in my family a quilt this year, youngest daughter, with discerning taste, picked this pattern.   It was a pattern for a twin quilt, and I had to fudge it to be a queen.
Let me just say that I am not fond of POINTS in quilting....which these "flying geese" have in abundance.
I was going to have it quilted at some shop with a quilting machine, but in the end, I quilted it myself on my Bernina with the BSR attachment.  
It turned out so much better than I expected it to.

Some random shots here, that just make me happy ...........
my youngest granddaughter, at the dentist.......rocking her sunglasses.
That girl.......

A trip to Ravenous in Saratoga Springs with my BFF.........their menu is all crepes, except for the Pom Frittes..........we ordered a large to split.........we could only finish half, even though they were amazing.

My youngest daughter and my youngest grandson, on a rainy day having lunch at Tai Pan........

My oldest daughter.......Aunt Baba to all her nieces and nephews............where this little one handed her butter knife to the waitress, and said, "Here you better take this, so I don't hurt myself".........ay yi yi.

Lois has been rocking the Baby Wolf, with some pinwheel towels in red and yellow.........I doubt they will last long.

This is one of my fave drafts.

Roy is making the best of his 13th year.   He had a couple of bad days, where he passed out a few times, and scared us to death......but with a med adjustment, that was resolved.

He has some trouble getting up the porch stairs when they are wet.....DH has ordered some treads for him.
His favorite thing is still basking in the sun.......this was a brutally hot day, but that's how he rolls.

The heat broke, and we've had a couple of days when you just said.............."ahhhh".  Perfect.

I am not a fan of the heat.

Yesterday I had three students.   Yes, three.   And they did amazingly well...always so rewarding to see.

I have decided to do three shows this summer.....I will probably shoot myself after the fact, but I ordered the Compudobby for my AVL, and I feel the need to earn the money.
They are all in lovely little Adirondack communities, and Lois has agreed to help, so I am anticipating good experiences........hard work, but rewarding none the less.

This is my dining room at 5:30am.........why so early????     Well, here's a news flash....when you have fluid on your ear, and a nasty ear ache, and you need a decongestant, like pseudophed, DO NOT take it at bedtime.
Enough said.


Unknown said...

Yay!! I Check your blog every day my friend! Welcome back!!

Cindie said...

The quilt is wonderful. Gotta love that Roy - my golden who doesn't like the heat will lay out on asphalt in the heat of summer and go to sleep - go figure.

Vicky said...

The heirloom quality of the pieces you are making for your daughters? Is astounding, truly. I really think the way you keep tackling and taking on projects, and teachings, and shows to do- despite how you feel, or how hard it will be on you- you know its the best way to keep going. Praying for the feet to get better- ouch!! And the earache too!

Love to you, Hilary!

Melody A. said...

I LOVE the quilt you made for your daughter!!! so striking!! I hope you eventually have resolution of your foot issue. Love the picture of your daughter and baby!! I am glad you have posted again too. Good luck with the shows. Take care from Iowa

Janice said...

It's been ages since I checked you blog. Glad to see you are doing well. Your quilt is beautiful and an inspiration! I also love the pinwheel towels. Your work is lovely. Hugs to Roy. It is so nice to see a dog enjoying a good sunny spot. I miss all my little critters.

Melissa said...

The quilt is spectacular, and your young ones are adorable. And given that I'm in Phoenix and the ground is lava right now (too hot for airplanes to take off!), I would gladly trade places with the happy dog basking in the green grass. It looks nice and cool. :)

Sojourner Design said...

Hi Hillary,

I've had plantar fasciitis once with one recurrence. My cases were most likely caused by wearing shoes that didn't support my feet enough. I tried ice, exercise, Advil, steroid injections, etc; what put an end to it the first time and quickly corrected the recurrence is taping by a physical therapist. She used the old fashioned cloth tape and applied it in such a way that it sort of entombed my foot. It stayed on about a month through showers and everything. I could wear a shoe over it. It enabled the connective tissue in my foot to break the injury/pain cycle and rest for a month. All the little motions involved in walking require lots of movement of this tissue and the tape gave my foot a break.

I don't know if every PT is as skilled as mine was in applying the tape but you could probably make a pleasant day trip of coming over, seeing her, and shopping at WEBS. Let me know if you'd like more information.

Deb said...

Lovely quilt, family, critters, towels, and dining room table!

Karen said...

the quilt is gorgeous - your family, Lucky to have you.. and your treasures.

Love that picture of your dining table at dawn - it's a beautiful thing, the life you've made there in that lovely old house.

KAM said...

The pattern for the new towels Lois is making struck a chord with me...granddaughter of a very active weaver (her main loom was a 16 harness jack loom) I received new fabric from her several times each year for making of shirts, vests and dresses. I learned to sew with her when about 4 when we made patterns for doll clothes from newspaper...and I never stopped making patterns and sewing. The very pattern in you towels was woven in a purple and red for me and I made a lovely skirt and vest outfit..I was probably about 11. It was always a treat to get her fabrics because she was a big winner in the Oregon state fair every year.
The flying gees quit pattern is outstanding - what a wonderful gift for your did a fantastic job with everything, including the quilting.
Kristin said...

Hilary, I've never commented before because I am not a weaver, but a quilter. I always wanted to learn to weave, and tried a couple of little hand looms, but nothing else. I love your quilt, it looks so fresh and modern, and you did a good job on the quilting, too.
I wanted to suggest to you that you might try taking Mucinex morning and night to get rid of the earache. It is a constant problem with me, but as long as I am on the Mucinex, I have no earaches. Take it with a lot of water.
Love your blog and what you have done with your home. You seem to have a perfect life in spite of the health problems, and I know how that is. Wish I lived close so I could take classes from you. Anne

Twylla Alexander said...

I agree with Karen Ann's comment about your dining room table. SO inviting. What a way to welcome the day. Thanks for sharing!

karen said...

I suffered for over a year with plantar fasciitis too. Brooks tennis shoes really helped me. Now that it's gone, I only buy shoes with an arch. Ryka help too but you have to buy the ones with the anatomical footnotes not memory foam. Good luck!

Daryl said...

i feel for you ... the overactive nerve in my foot seems to have calmed down ... for now .. i am sure its only pretending to be calm

mageez said...

Hi Hillary. about the plantar fasciitis. mine was so bad ended up with a specialist who had me fitted with custom made orthotics to put in my shoes. they only fit in tennis shoes and I'm a sandal person. so I wear them for a couple of days and then wear sandals for a day. don't think it'll ever go away but it's gotten to be livable. you have to work on treating it or you won't be able to walk. don't ignore it like I did.
happy weaving.
good luck

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Because every thread counts