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Monday, May 29, 2017


The last couple of weeks have been a bit overwhelming.

We had a huge storm, in fact, I have never seen wind here like that.....someone said it was 92 mph, I don't know if that is true.  But the huge trees in my side yard were horizontal to the ground.
It came on quickly, and didn't last long, but it did a lot of damage.

The top of the apple tree fell on my car.
DH had a canvas garage for his car, that was destroyed and blew a ways away, scratching his car up in the process.
Several huge locust trees came down, one destroyed the stockade fence between my dog yard and the labyrinth.......and a couple destroyed one whole side of the black chain link fence I had put up for Roy.
When one of those trees came down, it pulled the entire electrical entrance and all the wires completely off my house.
So, no power for THREE days.

But as I walked through the yard, surveying the damage, I saw this.

And I smiled.

No power means no water means no toilet.
I've done this before.  I don't remember it being so uncomfortable.
In bed when it got dark, because you couldn't even read.
Very unpleasant.
Makes me realize how really spoiled we are.

So first the electrician, then the electrical inspector, then finally the power company.

Then the adjustors, for cars, for house.  Then the fence guy to estimate how much it will cost to replace the chain link fence.

Then having partial trees, that are now very dangerous, taken down.  And cleaning up a million little branches all over the property.
Stacking up the wood from the trees, hoping to find someone who wants it.

Yes, it has been quite the time.
I am longing for things to be back to normal.

When the power came on after 72 hours, it was heaven.
Roy hunkered down by the pellet stove.......I just enjoyed being able to read without a flashlight.

It's amazing, really, how spoiled we are, by all the conveniences that we have.
DH missed the TV, which is like nourishment to him.
I just missed having lights, and water.

We now have THREE cats is a long haired black cat, who comes on occasion.

Bubbalee eats here most days......she is very independent, and has been coming around for 8 years.

Goldie, however, or Butter as I sometimes call him/her, is a permanent resident.

And desperately wants to COME IN.
Something I do not think the inside girls will appreciate at all.

My sweet boy Roy has had his issues of late......passed out four times in two days, scared us to death.

I called the vet, and he suggested cutting back on his blood pressure med, which I did.  He's been good since, so I'm hoping that was the problem.

I can't envision life without him, though I know that's inevitable.

I do what I can to keep him around as long as he's happy.

Some days I just hold my breath.


Theresa said...

Oh gosh, glad everyone weathered that blow safely though. The weather, it is not to be counted on anymore, but who am I to say that is proof against climate deniers. Oh sweet sweet Roy. Hugs and pets to the ever handsome boy. He is such a special dog and we all know it.

Deb said...

Wow, Hilary. What a time you have had. :( I'm glad to hear no one was hurt. I understand the irritability you feel without power. We are all very spoiled in that way. Three out-door cats...oh dear. That's a lot for you to worry about. I'm shocked that we have not had any show up here in two years. I thought there was one and soon found out it was our neighbour's cat. Hope sweet Roy is feeling better now. He's a great dog. xo

Back Porch Writer said...

Wow that WAS some storm you had there. I do also know we are all spoiled to every little convenience. I'm glad power restored and all was well.

messymimi said...

That's hurricane level damage, you have my sympathy.

Melissa said...

That is a heck of a storm, and I'm glad you're ok! And, my sympathies for the destruction, and the work in the aftermath. You'll have awesome stories to tell down the road, but going through it in the meanwhile is no fun whatsoever.

Karen said...

Wow, what a mess! Glad no one hurt though. It seems weather is becoming more extreme everywhere in recent years.

Roy has such a wonderful life with you - as you know, so many pits don't get that chance, through no fault of their own. He hit the jackpot when you adopted him - may he enjoy more time with you in that beautiful country house.

Angela Tucker said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm so glad that you are all safe. When Mother Nature gets an attitude, take cover. I so understand the no water...I lost my well in September and am still on the list for a new one. At least we had power. I carried water from the spa for four days (until I could get the tank filled) so I could flush the toilet. LOL We are very, very spoiled.

My George has not felt well the past few days. We have an appointment tomorrow. He is only 8, but that is getting up in years for a rottie. It is tough.

Hope this is an easier week for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Hillary what a royal pain in the butt of a storm! Sorry for all the damage done to your property and home. Roy Boy is one lucky dude to have you as his Mom! Hugs for all of you!

thotlady said...

Nice post. Love the photos.

Threadbare Designs said...

Oh my goodness, so glad to see that there were no injuries on your property! What a storm!!

We had an winter storm here one year that put us without power for 3 weeks. It was really horrible! I couldn't wait to get in the car to go to work, because that meant lights and heat and music. We had left messages on the electric company's outage line several times, but finally I smartened up and got a real person on the line. Within one hour we had 3 trucks outside and our power was back. You've never seen such a happy family! Lesson definitely learned, there.

Peg Cherre said...

We had a huge windstorm here a few months ago - when the temps hovered around 20. Thousands of people without power for several days, when it was COLD so no heat, either. And plenty dark. I was fortunate to not be impacted, and so was happy to host family and friends who were.

Pets. They are our joy and our sorrow, wrapped up in a wonderful furry package.

Daryl said...

oh Hilary what a mess ... what a lot of stress .. and poor Roy ... so glad he's feeling better ... BP meds are so tricky ... huge hugs to you

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful! I love your writing :o) Sorry about the storm damage! Your pup and kitties are adorable!

Twylla Alexander said...

Hi Hilary, just read your post. I'm so sorry about the destruction AND appreciate your seeing the rainbow, literally and figuratively in the situation. Your writing reminds me to be grateful.

Sharon said...

We had heavy winds in the high desert and loss of power became such an inconvenience thuat we bought a generator. I feel for you without power for all that time. Usually a multi-day outage inckuded snow that we could melt by the wood stove to flush toilets with. No fun, this pioneer stuff. What a frightening storm!

Deb said...

Hi Hilary - hope all is going well.I know you've been through a lot lately and just wanted to touch base. Deb

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Because every thread counts