Crazy as a Loom

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

All the news that is

The evening news is on.

I feel myself getting more and more agitated.

Bad news, and more bad news.

Is anyone else afraid of North Korea trying to destroy America????

And now he's fired the FBI director.  Hmm.   Who do you suppose he will put in THAT position??
Someone more inclined to cover up his connection to Russia??

Nuclear reactors?  Airline disputes?  Women being marginalized, over and over?

I can't watch anymore, I swear.  I'm beginning to understand how it feels for people in third world countries, to live their lives in fear and anxiety.
Something, up until now, I've never felt in this country.

On the home front, there is a stand off on the porch.

Goldie, being a very polite boy, while Bubbalee, the queen, eats breakfast.
They are usually growling and hissing and running, so this is progress.

 Here it is,  the new to me AVL Home loom, with Compudobby III.

It was a breeze to warp, easy to thread.
Getting it set up and communicating with the computer, well, let's just say it was a little stressful.
But it's done.

I am using Weave Point, and I must say that I am pretty impressed with how user friendly it is.

This is hand dyed yellow/gold cotton warp, with hand dyed cotton hemp in shades of blue.

The draft is "crackle".

I am pretty much smitten with crackle.

Rugs still get woven around here, not as often, but they do.

Lois whipped up this one and a few more like it.
Recycled blue jeans.

I think this is going to be a RUANA.
Again, it is crackle.  I told you I was smitten.
Hand dyed cotton warp. Tencel weft.

I have to stay grounded in my "tiny life".   If I let myself get too sidetracked with the political news, I find my stress level going through the ceiling.
I have to take breaks.

I like my life, my day to day is productive, creative, and mostly makes me happy.

I hate that I  worry about the things that are so out of my control.

  I like to feel that the world I wake up to is a safe one.

That's just not the way it is anymore.


Angela Tucker said...

Good evening, Hillary. Yep, I'm a bit uncomfortable with world right now. Since when did women's health care become disposable? I agree about firing the FBI director. Doesn't look good when you fire someone that is getting ready to investigate your relationship with a foreign country. Hmmm is right.

My husband loves to watch the news during dinner. Sometimes, I just want to eat in the living room and watch River Monsters. Less stress. LOL

Your designs and color choices are always so pretty. Most days, I can't communicate with my computer either. LOL Maybe it was just feeling cranky today.

Have a wonderful week!

MrsB said...

I had to just give up cable news 2 months ago. That or start on some anxiety meds. So, no TV til 8 pm and have been watching ER on the dvr from the very beginning.

My son told me it was useless to let the Orange Carbuncle live in my head rent free.... so I kicked him out. 😁

Cindie said...

I'm watching less and less news these days. Every day it's something new that's been said, tweeted or done and it's downright scary. I could go on but I won't as my BP will to knit which will make me feel better for this moment in time.

weaverpat said...

No, I have never before felt such dread as I do now over our country's (and the world's) situation. And both of us were around for the Cold War and the Communist threat. Unfortunately now our government is the 'threat'.
I don't like watching the news, but I'm afraid NOT to watch. I want to know what new horrors are coming our way.

On a happier note, I like that new loom.

Sojourner Design said...

I heard the news of the firing of the FBI director while driving to my weaving guild meeting. Not a good frame of mind for the meeting. But then again, Trump was elected on the night of a weaving guild meeting!

One thing that I do to feel that I'm having some effect on this nightmare is to be in touch often with my Congress people (and I live in Massachusetts!) and to sign every petition that comes my way online that I believe will help. And because I sign a lot I receive a lot of requests.

Your loom looks wonderful. I thought you would be using Fiberworks with it.

Anonymous said...

Love, love love your new loom! The crackle weave drafts you are using are simply beautiful!

Hilary, I was wondering how you got started on the path to eating vegetarian food? Could you please give some guidance on what to eat, recipe sources, etc.

L's new rag rug is awesome, she always does such nice work.

Pets for Roy and the cats!

Melissa said...

Beautiful loom, beautiful weaving. And yes, I too take refuge in the every day, ordinary beauty as a respite for the crazy that I can't seem to make a difference in. The world worries me. I do what I can...and then the weaving calms me.

mray said...

I have admired your weaving, your independent thinking, and your ability to work thru some very serious pain and discomfort. I agree with all of your recent readers 'take' on our current situation as well. I feel shaken from my safe little retirement days whereby I kept busy and accepted my own doctor's diagnosis of yes, this is a melanoma. After surgery, sewing daily, reading frequently, and being thankful, feeling blessed....Now, the news of the day, rocks me into reality. This new president seems to have an agenda never imagined by most of us. He seems bent on being a reality star, a spoiled wealthy individual who is positioning his family and friends within the white house...all serving this newly elected man who would be king.
Yes, I feel frightened. My sewing includes the making of dresses for little girls, Dress a Girl Around the World organization, (sewing ) helps to soothe my nerves and hope to make it to my 75th year this year.

Unknown said...

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Daryl said...

love this new high tech loom ..

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts