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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Some weaving and THE WINNER.

A while back, I was given some bags of scraps, a cotton and linen mix.   I did a whole lot of sewing and cutting, and Lois wove them up.  We have some chair pads, and these lovely placemats.
I think they would look awesome with some lovely white dishes.

I might have to find some for a photo shoot.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to weave off a navy blue warp on the Union Custom, plus my rug inventory needs some pumping up.

  I have always had a love of weaving cotton, rag rugs.

It feels like painting with fabric, to me.

I have a project on all 7 of my looms, which feels weird to me.   7 looms is the least I have owned in 15 years.

Anyway, I am sporadically weaving on each of them, doing a little of this, and a little of that.
Here's my baby blanket warp, just a twill.

Of course, the towel warp, my fave, lives on.   I should be weaving on that one exclusively, since I have sold so many towels.

Here are some of the finished baby blankets.

Here's a random photo of a dinner idea I had the other was a HIT.
Roasted veggies with red potatoes....olive oil and some seasoning.
They were delicious.

I know that a giveaway brings lots of comments.....and that's ok.  It is so reassuring to know that you are out there and still reading.
Your words were uplifting, and I fear that I don't deserve all the nice things you said, but I appreciate them anyway.  I may not blog as often, and my blogging may have evolved in some ways, but I still love doing it, and I love you all for sticking around. 
Thank you!  Merry Christmas to all of you, and a special greeting to the winner of the TOWEL............TERRY, who wrote the following:

I just enjoy your style, period. You are a very classy woman who takes what is best in life and emphasizes it as you express yourself in your weaving, your lifestyle, your love of family, your blog, and your commitment to making the best out of life at all times. You cope and survive, making the changes that allow you to manage, turning the pain and stress into a softer, better, slower life, while realizing what your real priorities are and the order in which they belong. I enjoy your blog and love your weaving and while I look forward to reading about you and yours, I respect your priorities and understand when you don't blog or should you decide to not blog at all. I would miss it, but be happy for you anyway. Thank you for the sharing!

Thank you, email me your address.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Terry, you will love your new towel! Hilary, I am coming for dinner! Get the plates out, those roasted vegetables look so yummy. I make the same type of roasted veggies but have never thought of adding mushrooms, I will have to try that next.

Theresa said...

Congrats Terry! And what a nice comment too.
Hilary, those rag placemats are so appealing. Just love them. I have to be honest, weaving rugs is
one of my least favorite things to weave but those placemats might just inspire a bit of rag weaving.

I like my carrots roasted with honey and butter.....

Terry said...

Thank You! Thank You! I am so delighted to be the recipient of your generous giveaway! Plus, I have to say that your roasted veggies (and other food art) is also inspiring! And delicious, too! Especially when you throw some torn kale that has been tossed with a bit of olive oil and salt over the top before roasting. It gives a flavorful crunch to the dish!

Rita said...

Congrats to Terry and I agree with everything she said. :) :)

thotlady said...

The baby blankets are beautiful.

Vicky said...

I love seeing all of your creations! Yay for Terry! All of your readers are so deserving and its fun to see them all show up :)

claudia said...

Terry. Congratulations! Words well written and so true!

Hilary, I'm going to have to try those roasted veggies. They look delicious!

Daryl said...

congrats to Terry ... those towels are fabulous

Unknown said...

Those are lovely baby blankets, makes me want to curl up in one too. What yarn did you use?

Sharon said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty. I love all of your inventory and you have so much! I agree with you. Veggies roasted in the oven are the best.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts