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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Making things work.

I am having the best time.  I am so, so glad I decided to keep the AVL, and buy the e-lift.
I really do love this loom.

I think I've emptied all my partial bobbins, so now that job is done,  I can pick colors off the shelf.

I put a door hanger on my AVL, to hang my scissors on.

 I had to make some adjustments for my foot on the e-lift.  The pedal is on a 4" high box, and
I rest my foot on a hard cover copy of Gone With the Wind, that I've had since I was 13.  Then I can lower my heel and depress the switch.

My foot is much more comfortable positioned this way.

My back was unhappy, as well.  The bench that came with the AVL rocked back and forth, but without treadles now, it was hard to keep my balance.
So I ditched the original bench, and I'm using my rolling massage stool, and I can't believe how 
much better it is to weave on.

 Tonight I took a chair out behind the chicken coop, and watched the girls for a bit.

It's lovely out here in the country.


claudia said...

Adjustments are good! Nice that you can get things right for yourself!
I prefer the country to any other situation. I've been here six months and I'm loving it.

Karen said...


518Frenchgirl said...

Glad to know that you are "making yourself comfortable" no better place to do it than your own home! I am drooling over your table runners, dish towels whatever they are, the blue circles, OMG. Must stop in next time I'm by. Hope your other house sells soon. Glad you are adjusting well with everything and enjoying your permanent summer home.

Tyche's Minder said...

Watching chickens is addictive. :) Love that pattern.

thotlady said...

I wish I lived in the country. The city gets to me, every so often I need a break. The country is a great break.

Maybe when I retire we can move out of the city.

steelwool said...

Love the pattern on your towels.

steelwool said...

not sure where the comment went. disappeared into the air. I have been admiring your towels. The different colors as well as the swirls. Being a 4 shaft person I am occasionally overcome with envy when I see some spectacular yet practical weaving. Kudos

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts