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Monday, July 27, 2015

C'mon along.

I'm getting older, and so are my kids, and so are my grandkids.
So when they want me to go off on a day trip, I always say yes.

Who knows how long they will ask me?  or how long I will be willing?
Things change.
Kids get older and have so many things going on in their lives, and let's face it, spending the day with their Mimi isn't as fun as it once was.
I get that.

So today we went to the Wild Center, in Tupper Lake, NY.   We've been there before, but it was a few years ago.
And since then they have built a 5.5 million dollar Wild Walk, that is up in the trees.

This is their spider web.

These metal cones are just as tall under the walk way, as they are on top of it.

There's a bird nest, the highest point of the walk.

I love my family.  It makes me both sad and happy that they have their own separate lives.
It's the nature of things, I know.

I love the Adirondacks, but today, to be honest, there were too many people.

I have trucked all over the north country with these kids.

My hair is whiter and whiter.  Guess there's no help for it.

The Wild Walk was a feat of architectural design.

With a "tree" that really looked like a tree.

Ava struggled with the spider web.

 I think what may have bothered her, was that this "spider web" was at the level of treetops.
It was a little scary.

Logie sprinted across, and then watched .
He's well lodged in teenagerville.

It was a lovely place, but I was glad to be away from the crowds.  There were so many people there.

 The ride home is typical Adirondacks.  Just beautiful.

These photos were out the car window, but you can still see how amazing this part of the country is.

The downside is that it is a LONG trip.

With only small villages here and there.

And an occasional ice cream stand.

It was a fun day, and I am grateful to spend time with them.  I had a REALLY GOOD time.
Kids keep you young, I am sure of it.

But you know, it's good to be home, too.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Wow, that looks like a wonderful park for kids and adults and you ended it all by going to Custard's Last Stand. Loved this blog, I still have a smile on my face from reading it and looking at the pictures. Glad you got to spend the day with the grand-kids.

thotlady said...

It is always good to come home. Why is that?

Pepper Medley said...

That is a pretty amazing design they built!

Daryl said...

too bad about the crowds but all in all a good time was had

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Because every thread counts