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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Slogging on.

I can't believe it has been so long since I've done a blog post.

This virus/headcold/congestion/bronchitis has been the WORST thing I've had in a while.
It has been a good FOUR weeks, and I am still not really over it.

I slog along, I get stuff done, though I wouldn't brag on any of it.  I haven't even seen much of my sweet baby Dale.  I sure didn't want to give it to her.

 I finally went to the doctor, because the coughing was making my head threaten to explode.
While I was waiting for the doctor to come in, I saw this on the wall.

For a moment, I couldn't take my eye off it.  It spoke to me.
The lake, some trees, a big rock.  
The day my life changed forever.

I guess I should have that picture on my wall, not that I need a reminder.
Somehow though, it took me right back to that day.

I haven't been weaving, giving the "old" hip a break.
But there's so much else I need to do, that I don't even have time to think about it.

I spent one whole day cleaning the porch at the studio.
That's our shipping area, and we really can't do without it.

 I was going for the Martha Stewart look here.  What do you think?


Big things are happening at the studio.
Here's the  new refrigerator that we ordered. (minus the scratch)

And...........drum roll please.

An extension on the porch.  And.........

my brand new Nordic Retreat hot tub.


Spring has finally arrived in the north country, although never say never.  It could still snow.

Sometimes, you just have to do what you can, and keep the faith that it will get better.

And there's always Dale.

What a gift.


Country Girl said...

Oh, what a dear she is. And wow, that hot tub! That will help your aches and pains some. I haven't been posting either. Sorry I have been so gone.

Unknown said...

So glad to see you back, missed you!

Nancy said...

It is amazing that you get anything done with your health issues. Feel better soon.

1horsetown said...

There's some crud going around SW Iowa that sounds like what you've had. It's been a long winter that way.

Karen said...

feel better, friend.. and WOW WOW WOW that's awesomeness right there. Enjoy!!

Daryl said...

she, Dale, gets cuter with every photo i see of her .. and a hot tub oh my ... it was a tough winter but we're tough cookies so we make it through as best we can xo

Carol from MN said...

Hilary.. just getting over that nasty crud here is as well.... the only thing that gave me rest was Delsym cough and cold.... also some wicked dreams! maybe that one should be by prescription! ;) Also take 2 teaspoons of honey a day.... really helps loosen you up! take care and weave your dreams soon!

Dizzy-Dick said...

What is that white stuff I see in that one picture? You still have snow? I spent the first half of my life living in PA and I remember that white stuff. Even saw it snowing a couple of times on April 15th which, back then, was the first day of trout season.

thotlady said...

Beautiful, sweet Dale.

Pepper Medley said...

So, let me get this straight.... are you planning to sell your house and live in the studio house? I have been so out of touch. Love the hot tub!

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Because every thread counts