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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another cold day

I have been using my blog to see what March has been like for the last couple of years.  Perusing 2012, 2013, and 2014, it appears that March can go either way.  It might be lovely, and it might be just plain NASTY.
So I guess I will just have to wait and see like everyone else. 
I guess I will just have to count down to April, a much safer destination.

I feel bad counting the days until spring, but I am.  I think it is the super frigid temps that really get to me.  I don't mind the snow so much.

On the subject of Bart, it's not good.
I can't get in the coop, or the run, without him trying to "get me".  And he is serious.
I have read all the literature about changing his ways, but no, I am not going to carry him around to prove I am boss, and I am not going to beat him.
I could fix the coop so I can lock him out when I go in.  But that doesn't seem right.

I may have to admit, reluctantly, that my friend Karen has been right all along.  The fact of the matter is that I love hearing him crow, but unfortunately, the good experience stops there.

I see that a rooster is helpful, if you free range your chickens, but I have no intention of doing that.
So Bart may have to go.
I hate it, but I really want to be able to enjoy my chickie girls, and I can't get near them with him trying to protect them every second.

I managed to finish a Fiesta runner today, 10.5 ft long.  But I think I need to give it a rest, getting a sharp pain in the bicep of my right arm.  Too much weaving???   Say it ain't so.

I gave up weaving for today, and  I came home and made some potato leek soup (recipe in the recipe link at the top of the page)
The last time I made it was for my mother, a few days before she died. 
Making it always makes me think of her, she loved it so much.

A big salad, a glass of wine, and soup.  Oh, and toasted English muffin bread.

I am going to look at February and March as an opportunity to get things done.
I have to keep from thinking about the weather.
And how much I don't like it, because it doesn't help to hate winter.
Not one bit.


Mary Agenten said...

I live in a small town in Hawaii. There are roosters in my doctors parking lot, the library parking lot, and the grocery store parking lot. The are even on the main road thru town. I volunteer at an animal sanctuary and it isn't unusual to have a rooster dropped over the fence. I tend to think a lot of people want to move them on. Please don't feel alone or bad in any way.

Anonymous said...

Our neighbors had a huge rooster, some people he tolerated (me thank god) others got clawed, my kid raised a rooster and had to rehome him for being too possessive. On another note - the bicep pain may be from your traps and neck! Stretch and take breaks frequently, weaving hits muscles in the extension phase which is not good for angry necks!


1horsetown said...

There's maybe (maybe) one good rooster in 5. And there is no cure....except the final one. Eventually, he'll really hurt you or one of the kids. Not worth it. Roosters are interesting, but not vital.

thotlady said...

The runner is beautiful. It is too bad about Bart. I guess it is his nature.

I like colder weather, but I am definitely in the minority there.

It has been colder here in Virginia than other winters, but since I am from Wisconsin, this cold is moderate.

Take care.

Cami said...

I don't ever keep roosters, even though my girls free range. I had a rooster once, he was beautiful, but he came after me more than once.

One of our favorite recipes is your potato soup! It's just sooo good!

deb bowers said...

Don't ever put a soft boiled egg in your coat pocket on your way to work either. Same outcome.

messymimi said...

But i hope it helps to love the soup!

Daryl said...

now i want soup for lunch …

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Because every thread counts