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Monday, February 9, 2015


While I try not to talk about the weather, here in the northeast, as well as a lot of the rest of the country, the weather is right in our faces.
Snow storm after snow storm, bitter cold, shoveling, paying for the plow man, feeding the birds, bundling up like you were headed to the Arctic just to go to the store, doing all the worrying and work that comes with WINTER.  There, I've said it.

We even shovel a path for Roy so he can do his thing without being in 2 ft of snow.

This week, my car is being fixed, from my unpleasant meeting with a tractor trailer.  It will be there all week.  My insurance would have paid a whopping $20 a day for a rental, but what would I get with that?  Something that would get through the snow without breaking into a cold sweat? 
I think not. 
So I am getting delivered to the studio in the morning, and picked up later, by DH.  It's not like I am up for any traveling other than that anyway.
I can do it for a week.

So alone at the studio, I looked around for what I would get into.

Today, I decided to go with "winter whites/gray skies".

 Besides I have a lot of this sock stuff lying around, and I wanted to get it woven and get the rugs put on the shelves.

I love these rugs, so reminiscent of birch bark.  They are heavy, and solid, and earthy.

See my old boots by the door.  I've been wearing them every winter for 14 years.   I like to get my money's worth.

These first two rugs off the loom, another finished and probably 3 more to go.

The rest of the afternoon calls for a hot cuppa tea, and my new book.

Yup, more winter.


Deb said...

I love the grey and white together. It makes a beautiful rug. We are all sick to death of winter here, too. Poor old Kane needs a path shovelled, too. Not fun for anyone. Glad the rooster has found a new home and you can enjoy the coop again. I'm sure the hens are happy, too. I hope the new owner has added some security to his coop. Those raccoons are nasty.

Vicky said...

We are not complaining about our "lack" of winter this year! Nobody dares jinx any part of all the weather that has passed us by for once. Sorry to share what our winters are usually like with you- but its a welcome relief for us!

I so loved that book~

Anita Johnson said...

I read The Winter Garden last year...for the life of me I can't remember if I reallybliked it...or not. I hope you write a little review. I kept a list of books I liked for years and sadly I lost it when we moved. I should start that list again...seems like my memory isn't as clear as I thought!LOL I loce the colors of your weaving and should check your shop. I have wanted a long runner for my table for years....

Karen said...

I think I have that book here somewhere.. is it good? Vicky says she loved it oughta be.

Not even gonna talk about the W*ather. @$#%@!

Daryl said...

as to the weather all i can say is its the NE and its February …. glad you're ok and that the car will be ...

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Because every thread counts