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Friday, February 6, 2015

All the news that is news, and some that ain't.

The bad news is that winter is sticking around for longer than I want to think about.

Oh, and Bart attacked me every time I tried to collect eggs today.  And filling the waterer was almost impossible.
He definitely has my number.  He is totally making my chicken farmer routine very unpleasant.

Continuing to make the day interesting, I dumped almost a whole bag of pellets on the floor.
Which I had to pick up quick, as someone thought it might be a new kind of CAT LITTER.
Not saying any names.

I spent the afternoon tying on a new warp, for more mobius shawls.   Not a problem really, just tedious.

 The good news is that my friend's husband came and took Bart home with him late this afternoon.   Last year, all his chickens but one, were killed by a marauding group of raccoons.   I gifted him with four of my young hens, to give him five.  
He went into the coop today, grabbed Bart by the legs, and took him home.   Bart promptly jumped up on the roost with the new girls, in his new digs.  He probably crowed.  Fickle b******.

Bart doesn't know it yet, but his new owner is not going to put up with any crap from him.  So maybe it will work out.
I will miss him crowing.  And that's about it.
Anybody know of a rooster recording that you can program???
Maybe I need to invent that one, for all those "roosterless" hen houses.

I am so excited, now I can go into my hen house, without being assaulted.

 Speaking of excited, tomorrow I am going to pay this little lady a visit.
It doesn't get much better than that.


Hilary said...

Oh Bart.. you just couldn't behave. Thankfully you didn't live with someone who decided you'd behave better in a pot... you lucky, cocky bastid.

Wood pellets do make good cat litter.. or so I've heard. Look it up! But of course.. not right there on the floor.

And that sweet Dale.. you're going to have a great day!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

No fun having a mean rooster. He's lucky to have found a new home. Ah little Dale, how did she grow so big already?

claudia said...

Dale is so tall! She has really sprouted. What a time you will have.
Glad that Bart is out of your domain now. Hopefully he will learn to tow the line and just do his job against the actual predators.
Those icicles look dauntingly cold. Brrrr!

Angela Tucker said...

My grandparents had a rooster that lived in the open area by the barn. He was so mean and nasty, you would sit in the car, guess how far away he was, and then make a run for the yard. The only people he didn't give trouble to was my grandparents. They both spoke to him in Swiss, so I'm not sure exactly what threats they made. But, whatever they were, they worked! LOL

Devon said...

So glad Bart is out of your hair. You could probably get a rooster app on your phone and wake up to fake Bart every morning.
I would love to see your woven Mobius scarves! Hope you put pictures up :).
Have a wonderful weekend!

Country Gal said...

Some roosters just don't get it lol !Glad he had found a new home though and you know he will be ok . I love the roosters at the farm down the road from us crowing takes me back to my farm days as a kid ! Lovely photos ,thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend!

messymimi said...

That's going to be a great visit!

As for roosters, one person i know who raises chickens says the key is for the man of the house let them know who is the boss from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Bart, bart, bart....what have you done!

Totally relate to mean roosters, we have had 2 of them in the last year....note I said HAD.

Both roosters have gone on to greener pastures, if you get my drift.

Your girls will be fine, don't worry.

Mary said...

Here is a rooster recording for you.

Mary said...

Here is a better rooster recording.

Nancy said...

That crazy cat. Ready to pee in anything that resembles cat litter!

Peg Cherre said...

FYI, there are some roosters who are relatively nice. Don't know how you find them, though. :-)

Rain said...

Haha- I can mean rooster -- rooster stew- I have good luck with Japenese roosters- they are short and fancy -but get the job down-hint hint- sounds like your friend can rehab him if it can be done!! Beautiful little girl !! I'm in Fla for 2 wks and I miss Kojo crowing!-but not the 10 ft of snow in Maine!!--Rain
----well I know it's only 4 ft not 10..... but seriously........πŸπŸ“πŸŠπŸ…

Daryl said...

i think Bart will be less happy in his new home but hey he should have been nicer to you .. i bet there's an app you can download with a rooster crow .. lord knows there's an app for everything else

thotlady said...

Sweet Girl. I am glad you found a solution to the Bart situation.

Kate said...

you're in the right part of the country to find a large crock or washtub, you can cut a lid out of old barn wood and store your stove pellets in that. Much more attractive than the plastic bag and much less interesting to the fur butts. Rugs are really pretty, glad your feeling well enough to weave so much.

Karen said...

Dale has the wisest expression for such a tiny lass.

Glad Bart found his forever home and you are done with the roo dilemna. I'm gonna say it, I told you so!


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