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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little of this

Sitting looking out the window with my cuppa tea, where I have spent so much time the past two and a half years.   Waiting/hoping/praying for my headache to "dial down", so I can get on with my day.

If nothing else, my plans for NEXT winter are becoming clearer.

Heat to my neck, just me and my lap top.....anything else would require me to move my head, and that is not something I want to do right now.


Let me share a couple of things with you.......that I was introduced to on my travels south.

One, was the BUTTER BELL.   Oh, my, I love this thing, because there is nothing worse than butter that is hard as a rock.

Every couple of days, you change the water.......about an inch or so.

Here's what mine looks like.

Here's what mine looks like when DH has a go at it.  

PLEASE, someone save me!

Another find worth mentioning is usually the only reason I ever go to Red Lobster.

They are super simple, and absolutely the bomb.  Unfortunately, I found them in Walmart, not my favorite place.  I'm sure other grocery stores will have them soon.

One more thing, that I have not acquired yet, but will.


The sharpest, coolest knives, EVER.

You can get all this stuff on Amazon, by the way.

Some other things I loved in the south.............field peas........pecans..........fresh, fresh fruit.......a strange sandwich made with a croissant, egg, cheese, then dipped and finished like french toast....they called it a "crusher".  It looked nothing like a croissant, and BEGGED for syrup.

But mostly, I am missing the blue skies, the warmth, the sun, the lack of a headache. 
And you just can't find that on Amazon.


Susan said...

Hopefully, spring will arrive up here and ease your headaches. It's good to have a plan for next this time of year, I cannot remember what a blue sky looks like. I LOVE my butter bell! I make my own butter and it is so handy to just slap it in the bell and have it nice and spreadable whenever I need it.

LA said...

Y'all come back....and we mean it. There are a lot of reasons to love living here, but most of all, we do welcome folks to visit any time! I got my butter keeper at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center. The potters there do a great job!

Anonymous said...

I too have a butter keeper, around these parts they are called a French Butter Dish. You only need to put about 1/4 inch of fresh water in them to keep the butter fresh.

Sorry to hear that HH is driving you nuts. Hope the weather warms so that you start feeling better. Maybe it is time to start looking for property to buy in the warmer climes - for a winter get away.

Cait Throop said...

So sorry about your unyielding headache, Hilary. Soon warmth!!! And I am still laughing at that stick of butter. It could be my house. really. xo

MarthaVA said...

Interesting stuff.
May your headache find it's way out of your head.
May your weather be nice.
May you make the decisions you have to make.
And may you find peace.

Sojourner Design said...

Those butter crocks never worked for me; the butter always slipped into the water below.

Rain said...

My daughter got me a butter bell a couple years ago and we love it!!!!! I can so picture my hubbs doing that to!!! Damn that HA...........

Alicenoneland said...

I always wondered about those butter things- good info, I'll give it a try.
I've decided I could live anywhere, a big switch, I've been doing most of my shopping on amazon. So, as long as there's mail delivery I will live there LOL

Daryl said...

we dont use butter but that is very cool .. i do own and adore my tomawhatchcallit knife, mine is purple ... that biscuit mix looks yum ... but the thing 'strange' sandwich sounds evil in a good way ... however i have gone vegan so i will admire it from afar!

bspinner said...

Please post how you like the Red Lobster Bisquits. I've seen them but haven't tried them. I have a knife like yours but so far haven't used it. I'm glad you like yours and maybe will give my a try making supper tonight. I love your butter crock. I might have to pick one up.

Connie in Hartwood said...

We found the Red Lobster biscuit mix at Walmart, too! With only two or three of us at dinner most days, I have taken to splitting the mix in half and making only four biscuits at a time ... none of us like the leftover ones as much as the fresh ones. Biscuits and a big bowl of vegetable soup is a perfect dinner for winter.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Have you ever had fried okra with the cornmeal coating? I love the field peas too!

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Because every thread counts